Monday, February 19, 2007

Lovely things

- On the way to work this morning, I smiled at trees trying to bud in 28 degree weather. They are probably wondering why the weather doesn't settle down. The wild(?) geese in the office complex next door were all companionably situated on the grass - most likely waiting for the lady in the red t-shirt to come feed them.

- My friend found peace in making the Chicken Tetrazzini recipe I gave her - which was passed down from Jo's much loved mother-in-law.

- On the way home I passed a home with a grand statue of an eagle in the front yard. The house next door had an iron claw footed bathtub in a flower bed with a sculpture of Sacagawea next to it!

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Granny Annie said...

While I am still on my leave of absence, I'm going to try to visit as many first posts as I can. It is interesting how you started out without a lot of fanfare. You just started blogging.

Always at least three good things. I have always wondered about people who put old bathtubs in their yards as decoration.