Monday, April 24, 2017

Just being, being treated and no worries

This garden belongs to a shop near my sister's home in northern Florida.  It was so lovely to just sit and wait and watch bees buzzing and listen to the people to my left laughing, as they worked a car wash for charity.

Neighbor Mike decided to hand out this "treat" of an alcoholic cherry cola to his middle aged neighbor ladies, as we all stood talking one afternoon.  The label made me smile, so I had a little photo shoot in my kitchen, as I do sometimes.  And then I tried it.  Ugh!  :)

There is a lot to worry about in the world right now - I try not to worry, but do sometimes.  And then I spotted this poem that made me smile.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Annual treat, taking over and gazing

An annual treat to myself - a Lindt Gold Bunny  and I like to see it sitting around my kitchen at Easter time. :)

Lenten roses in the Greenway Park in Lilburn, Georgia.  Friend Alice was giving some of these away from her garden - they tend to spread out and take over. 

Gazing at a magnificently flowering tree at the book club host's home in the early evening last Sunday (the friend pictured above and I arrived at the same time and gasped at the glory of the tree.)  There was a long discussion about what sort of tree it is - the consensus:  some version of a cherry tree.  We think. 

I love Spring.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hanging out, cloudy sky and reappearance

This lovely little tulip was hanging out all by itself at the park on Saturday morning, just waiting to pose for the camera.  It was a lovely respite, this walk, after a week of battling traffic during, what we're calling, The New Normal, in Atlanta, after the I-85 bridge collapse.

And back home at the condos - a glorious Saturday morning sky.  I was walking over to look at the dogwood tree, there on the right, but love the look of that cloud formation and a couple of puffs of cloud that had escaped, there at the top.

And the pink Dogwood tree in the condo driveway blooms again.  Someone did a wonderful job landscaping this complex when it was built 30 or so years ago.  It's lovely to see old friends like those pink blossoms reappear year after year.

Hope you have a good week, my friends!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Having a moment, before and after

I got caught up in traffic madness in Atlanta last week and have not been visiting blogs at all, so I'll be catching up while I adjust to the "New Normal" of navigating to and from work without I-85.  For those who haven't heard about it, more here.

Meanwhile - a few scenes from the wedding weekend:

The day before the wedding, my sister and I were watching a crew set up for the wedding from her bedroom window (setting up tables and chairs for the reception, stringing lights on the outdoor cook shed, where the band would play, etc.)  She said, "This is like a Steel Magnolias moment!" 

Remember the tree from the prior post?  There it is ahead, waiting for the big moment, as guests arrive.

I've never seen this property look so park-like.  They consider the property to be a deer sanctuary - hunting is off limits, so it's not unusual for them to wander through.  I imaged them off in the woods, during the ceremony, peering out at the festivities.

The church pews were loaned to the bride by a friend, for the family to sit in during the ceremony.  I loved the mason jars with baby's breath hanging on the edge of the pews.

And after the ceremony, as the family awaited being photographed as a (big) group.  The hunting buggy in the background there brought the bride and her father to the ceremony spot.  It's from the plantation where she works.

It was all so gorgeous - one of the most beautiful weddings I've every attended.  And the reception was great fun.  The best part was seeing a couple so dedicated to each other and the looks on their faces when she was walking forward to marry him.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The wedding tree

My niece will marry her sweetheart this weekend under the natural arched branch of this Live Oak tree, on the grounds of her parent's home in northern Florida.  I can just envision the chairs lined up in front of it now.  I am so delighted to be a part of this well-planned event.  More next week.

I hope your weekend is merry and bright!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring forward, lovely read and beauties

The sky never seems to disappoint at this little corner of the world in northwest Atlanta.  The week after daylight savings time sprang to be, I left for work in the darkness and arrived to work to these pink puffed beauties.

Leonora wrote about her latest good reads in a recent blog post.  I'm listening to this one during my commute.  I told a friend at work this morning that I'm smiling during the drive and not obsessing about traffic.  It's a  lovely story about a widower who finds a charm bracelet that belonged to his late wife and embarks on a journey to find out more about her past and even more about himself. 

It was a chilly morning last Saturday when friend Laura and I walked in the park and caught up with life.  She never questions why I stop to snap photos with my phone and encouraged me to get this close up of the buds of this flowering tree.  We dropped into the 20s (f) this week - so cold.  I hope these lovelies survived.

Spring is around the corner.  Sigh.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The beach, porches and the finish

Seagrove beach in South Walton County, Florida last Friday.  Sigh.  The six hour drive down is worth it when this sight is waiting. 

One porch after another. 

Dunes in the state park nearby.

A moody sunset.

Grits à ya ya at Great Southern Cafe in nearby Seaside, Florida.  Sunday morning brunch.  We always participate in a walk for charity (the real reason for the trip) and then celebrate the finish here.

And a final walk on the beach the last morning.  It was a lovely time with good friends.  It's always good to get back home, but I do love this serene place.

Hope you have a great weekend, my friends!