Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Off to a late start, along the way and the after party

- Traveling down to northwest Florida with friends for the 2015 half marathon and 5K Run (which we walked) to benefit the Seaside, Florida school.  One friend did run the half marathon and finished nicely - we walkers were WAY behind the pack (long story), as you can see.  We caught up to the women wearing tutus (click to enlarge) - they were a childless aunt (like me) and her two nieces.  I told her how much my nieces mean to me, too.

- I titled this photo "Lavender Morning" - that stand of trees is one of the most photographed images along this stretch of Highway 30A - and is along the race route. 

- Left behind.  The jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts that runners shed along the way.  A golf cart goes up and down Highway 30A, collecting them, and brings them to this pick up area.  The woman above was looking for her red turtleneck jacket.

- The host made us this post-race concoction - not sure what was in this blue drink, but it sure was pretty.

- The house we stay in belongs to our hosts, and is in nearby Seagrove.  This is the beach across the street yesterday - a lovely morning for a lovely walk.

 - We stopped for lunch on the way home yesterday in Eufaula, Alabama at this barbeque place that my dad would have LOVED because of the smoky chopped barbeque with a mustard based sauce.  We spotted a billboard last year on the trip down for Phil's which boasts, "Best Butts in Alabama."  I saved the cup from my iced tea to show you.  :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lost forever, no pie for me and road trip

- Update:  I never did find my lost glove, which I blogged about here.  This photo (taken from ebay) are the ones I purchased from a seller to replace them.  I don't think I'll ever really like them - they don't fit perfectly like the others did (and aren't exactly like the others), but they are warm and it won't break my heart if I lose one.  That's what makes it a good thing.  :)

- This is the lol cat I had saved to post if I had found my glove.  :)  It would be just a waste not to post it anyway - it's so funny.

- I'll be looking at this view by the end of the day today - the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida.  Sigh.  How I've been dreaming of this trip.  And I loved being able to announce my contribution to the road snacks - in the back and forth texting / planning stages all week - "four boxes of Girl Scout cookies!"

Happy weekend, y'all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Unexpected view, the cookies are here and special gift

- Photo of the Georgia State Capitol building taken from a window inside Central Presbyterian Church (founded in 1858!) in Atlanta.  I was there for a meeting of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta last Saturday.  As I was walking up a stairwell, I spotted the view of the capitol from a window.  The building was completed in 1889 and the dome was gilded with native gold leaf from Dahlonega, Georgia in 1958.  I think it's beautiful and always love seeing it from a distance from highways leading into Atlanta. 

- The Girl Scout cookies I bought from two sisters arrived with politely written thank you notes.  I loved that the elder sister completely sold me on the Thin Mints by suggesting I could put them in the freezer.

- Grannie Annie commented a few days ago, after reading my blog post about a book on CD, that she had some that she would send to me.  She emailed at the end of last week and said she was putting them in the mail via the "media mail" rate and couldn't imagine when they would arrive.  But they came on Monday!  It's always so delightful to get a parcel, isn't it?  And this parcel will provide endless hours of commuting entertainment.  Thanks Annie!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Curio cabinet, happy ending and goldfinches

 - The story of my new cabinet:  My sister and I walked by a newly opened antiques shop in Thomasville, Georgia on the day after Christmas.  She said that building had been a hardware store for years.  A hand inside the window waved at us, so we went in.  While my sis talked to the very nice lady who had waved, I walked around and browsed.  Tucked away in the corner was a lighted curio cabinet with a "Sale" tag of $50 on it.  I thought, "$50????  Hmmm...how could I get that home?"  I knew just the spot for it in my dining room.  We left and I mulled it over while we walked around town.  I mentioned to her that I thought I might like that cabinet and she said it would fit in the back of her SUV, so we went back, only to find the shop had closed for the day.  I snapped a photo of the telephone number posted on the door and finally called about it during the last week of January.  The shop lady said she was very sorry, she was using it as a display case now.  Well shoot.  I cajoled and made my case, but no, she was firm - it was no longer for sale.  (It's in the photo above - found on their facebook page. Click to enlarge.  Far left corner in the back.)

- As you can see from this photo, this story has a happy ending - here it is in the corner of my dining room with contents from around my home in place.  I adore it.  :)  Here's what happened:  My sister and I were talking on the phone about her upcoming trip to visit me in Atlanta on the first week of February and I told her my tale of woe about the cabinet, adding "I should have bought it on the spot when I saw it."  She said, "I'm going to Thomasville tomorrow (she lives about 30 miles away in northern Florida) and I'll see what I can do."  She walked into the shop and pleaded my case again for me, by saying that she was coming up for my birthday and would love to surprise me.  She walked around the shop browsing and the shop lady thought about it, "It's her birthday?  Really?"  My sister called me while I was driving home that afternoon, "You owe me $53.50!" :)  The very nice lady had acquiesced.  Here it is and I adore it.  We need to send my sis to Washington, I think.

- Sara says my birds from the last post might very well be goldfinches.  How about that?  And perfect that I am reading the book, "The Goldfinch" right now.  I can hardly put it down at this point.   Click on the red link for Stephen King's review in The New York Times Book Review.  If he liked it, that's good enough for me.

Thanks for coming by!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wren party, in flight and coming home

- It's been a regular wren party on my back porch the last several days.  I took about 20 photos on Sunday, trying to get a good one, but they are constantly in motion.  I like this one of them in silhouette.

- You would need to click to enlarge to see the bird in flight here.  My dad gave me this feeder years ago to foil squirrels getting to the bird seed.  I don't really have the right kind of seed in this - it's Niger seed, but they love it.  They probably need it, too - it's unseasonably cold here this week.

- It was great entertainment since I have been a bit under the weather with a nasty cold and stayed in a lot last weekend.  If you click to enlarge, you can see one fellow perched on top waiting for a spot.  :)  I think these are wrens (or perhaps goldfinches) and wonder if they are from the families who build nests in the birdhouse there in the spring.  I like to think so.

Friday, February 13, 2015

One piper piping, glorious dish and happy V day!

- The sanctuary of my church last Saturday morning, after we hung tartans in preparation for our annual Kirking of the Tartans service on Sunday.  Tartan carriers would carry those tartans on the left and right in a solemn procession up the aisle on Sunday morning, accompanied by a piper playing Highland Cathedral.  That's the piper above (click to enlarge) and his proud parents, both recording his practice on their phones.

- How could I not show you the glorious dish of fried lobster I had on Saturday night at my favorite Thai restaurant?  I've always wanted to try this, but wasn't expecting the lobster shell to be on top.  :)  I almost took it home! 

- I'm ignoring that today is Friday the 13th and wishing you a happy day tomorrow with these camellias from my sister's garden.  Happy Valentines Day, y'all!

And hope you have a happy weekend, too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feather catchers, unexpected and a perfect gift

- That's the side of my fireplace wall, just beside the sliding glass door that goes out onto the back porch.  I don't think I've ever posted about my feather catchers before.  (Click to enlarge if you can.)  They are wonderful pottery faces that are hollow inside.  The potter named them "feather catchers."  So when I spot a pretty feather on my walks, I bring it home because I have just the place for it.

My sisters and I all bought these at a wonderful shop in Dillsboro, North Carolina over the period of a few years.  The green one above was one of the last ones the potter made - I was told by the owner of the shop that she had a terminal illness and was not expected to live.  And indeed - there were no more in that shop again.  I'm sorry I don't know her name.  And an internet search never brings up "feather catchers" like these, only the Native American "dream catchers."  So it seems we have something truly unique. 

- My sister Jo brought me a beautifully wrapped little gift when she arrived last Thursday evening - unexpected because we generally do not do birthday gifts, except the gift of each others visits.  She was in a shop called The Mole Hole in Pensacola, Florida, where niece Abby and her family live.  She spotted something that goes so perfectly with our feather catchers, that she just had to get one for both of us.

- The face is a little ghoulish, but I love it.  :)  It is known as a "leaf spirit" and was made by a potter who lives in NW Washington State - Nana Thebus.  Somehow it has the same spirit as the feather catchers I already have, so of course it fits right in.  It reminds Jo of how grandson Monroe loves to peek out at her through tree branches.  A perfect gift.