Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thoughtful Sis

- I was talking to Jo by cellphone when I picked up my mail and saw that there was a package from her. I exclaimed, "It's a package from you! What is it?" She replied, "An Easter present!" Me: "Oooooh!" Her: "OK - why don't you open that later when we're off the phone. (Laughing) I hate to think you'll be disappointed now when you open it." Me: "I don't care - I LOVE unexpected surprises in the mail!"

- It was a weather radio. A few weeks ago their weather radio alerted them to an impending tornado in their area and they were able to get to safety. Happily - it missed them. Jo decided her whole family should have one and sent one to Mom and Dad, too.

- The card was funny - I don't remember the punchline, but it was seasonal characters at a cocktail party. Santa was talking to the Easter bunny who was drinking a glass of red wine. That was funny in itself.

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