Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something to talk about, driving and curling

- Mr C's nod to the current extra warm temperatures. It's in the mid-90s all week - not the worst temps there are, but it gives us lots to talk about.

- I walk out of my office door intending to walk up the street to the framing place. But after seeing the hot steam rising from the asphalt, I laugh at myself and drive my car there.

- Not having time to wash my hair, but finding that stepping out into the early morning humidity is enough to make it curl right back up.


Jannie Funster said...

I bet your curls look so purdy. I envy you them.


Blue Bunny said...

deeriest Lynn, i seen a sine heer that szays "karrits keeps yoo cool" and its troo!!

texis is geting so hot too. lucky, my jannie has kleened the swiming pool and filled it up so i can swims mutch.


with luvs from me,


TALON said...

I've missed Mr. C's witty meatloaf messages :)

Instant hair-do! See? Even humidity has a wee bit of value!

Glad you drove - that kind of heat just knocks you down.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

You do? I always wished I had straight hair. :) The grass is greener, as they say.


Blue Bunny -

I'd be in that pool all the time, floating on a raft and eating the cool karrits if I was you!


Talon -

They haven't been posting as many fun messages on Mr C's sign. I've missed it, too. They had one message last week that said "The A/C is fixed" - I'm betting they had no customers before that!

desk49 said...
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desk49 said...

You're saying morning humidity is curling your hair as asphalt steam was flying,
and MrC's meatloaf’s hot, even tho the temperature is rising?
No framing place did you walk because in the temperature you frying.
Tho you had lots to talk about, you're hair washing was declining

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm naturally very curly, remind me not to holiday anywhere with humidity, because I'd end up not looking cooler at all. I don't think a whole truck load of Mr C's meatloaf would help with that!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

lol - I like it. :) I could have washed my hair or produced my blog this morning. The hair got forsaken. :)

Joe -

Yeah - you'll just have that dry heat in Arizona.

You know - maybe Mr C's was talking about "cool" as the cool in your blog name. Could be. "Cool as an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style, influenced by and a product of the Zeitgeist" according to Wikipedia. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, that is humid. In NY, we went into a bagel place and my iced drink had steam coming off of it!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Lynn, you mean it gets THAT hot where you live?! I'm surprised you're not swimming through liquid asphalt by the sound of that! :P

Ily said...

Am I the only one that gets limp, lifeless hair from humidity?? Wish mine would curl. :/

It's hot here in Miami as well...and I am so happy to have a pool and a/c and fans in the house!

Hope you cool off soon!!

則惠 said...
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Snaggle Tooth said...

We've had 80s to a few 90s all week here, at least we get a lottle sea breeze tho= I wonder of they invented a cold meatloaf dish?
I hope the car tires didn't melt on the road!
Here the news is announcing "Bad Hair Days" due to the extreme humidity- Difficult to dry laundry lately! My hair has always been curly...

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

Now that's hot and humid.

Tony -

It is that hot, but the humidity makes it so much worse. There are so many places in which it is so much hotter, that I hate to complain. :)

Ily -

My bangs seem to go limp - very strange since the rest of my hair is so curly and they are straight.

Yes - A/C is the saving grace.

Snaggle -

Ah - see breeze sounds lovely.

sage said...

What a sign! Summer is the reason I left the South.

Lynn said...

Sage -

Yes - it is often sticky. I love the mountains of North Carolina - my favorite area. Sometimes a little humid, but nothing like this.

Meredith said...

To join in on the discussion with you and Jannie, four days late: I've had it both ways, curly and straight. I began life with straight hair, and it curled in my late 20s. I have to say that straight is much easier to care for properly -- but I like how pretty curly hair is naturally, without trying too hard. ;)

It's so hot! Hoping you stay cool, Lynn.