Friday, March 30, 2012

Multitasking, learning about horses and gathering

Photo by ALM - click to enlarge.

- My youngest niece is the office manager for a plantation in the wilderness of northern Florida.  She sent this photo of the cows giving her a look as she sidles up to them with their injections.  Yes - she has to do that!

- Listening to the story of a legendary racehorse, "Seabiscuit" by Laura Hillenbrand.  Audio books are the ticket for a long drive anyway and there is so much to learn about horse lineage and what gives them the fire to race.

- Garlicky pizza with friend Leisa at an Italian restaurant.  I love the family that came into the restaurant toward the end, taking up a long table.  They are from all walks of life and gather slowly, but by the time we leave, they are in full toasting mode.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.  I'll be back Sunday for the beginning of the A to Z Challenge (aka "What was I thinking?") :)  Hope you'll join me for this mega blogging adventure!


LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah what are you thinking!! Good luck with that. :D

I wouldn't fancy giving a load of cows an injection that's for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll look forward to Sunday now!

happygirl said...

Good luck in the A-Z challenge. I love people watching, too. Such a fun diversion. :)

Chatty Crone said...

An injection of what?? And I know what you mean seeing a big family of friends gathering and having a wonderful time. sandie

Louvregirl said...

Good luck on the A to Z challenge, Lynn. I was looking forward to reading your blog this A.M. for some enjoyment/me time! We both had pics of COWS this week! :-)
Have a groovy weekend yourself. Lynn!

Louvregirl said...

And when you find this out, let me know!
"what gives them the fire to race"

Granny Annie said...
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Granny Annie said...

What kind of an office manager has to give cows injections??? That's some odd job description.

I listen to my audio books when I mow the lawn. I'll look for SEABISCUIT at the library next trip.

We're going to have another sibling gathering at the all-you-can-eat king crab leg place. Can't wait.

Good luck on the A-Z challenge Lynn. If I hadn't just completed my stupid marathon to 2000 posts I might have tried it too. I'll see you through it like you did me.

Lynn said...

Joe -

I wouldn't fancy doing that either - she accidentally stuck herself one time with a needle that had been in a cow! She had to take a round of antibiotic over that.

happygirl -

Thank you and yes, I love watching happy people.

Sandie -

It was probably a vaccination of some kind to ward off some cow disease. :)

lg -

That's so nice of you to say - I always look forward to reading your blog, too.

I confess that I just didn't have a photo of my own for today, so I remembered this one of Amanda's. Her birthday was yesterday and we talked in the afternoon, so she was on my mind anyway.

Granny Annie -

One time she had to drive the plantation owner's golf clubs to her - half a state away. It took all day. She and the plantation manager work well together and I think she might be volunteering for some of this stuff. Job security and all that.

Yay! Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a lovely weekend to!


Full-On-Forward said...

Beautiful post Lynn! Travel and enjoy!


Riot Kitty said...

Good luck is right! Those cows do look skeptical.

Betty Manousos said...

dear lynn,

good luck on the A-Z challenge.
have a wonderful weekend, a friend gathering sounds great, and thank you for this beautiful post.

big hugs!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Pretty cows- bet there'd be a stampede if they knew the big needle was coming!
I read the Book about Seabiscuit the Racehorse as a teen, n have the movie with Toby McGuire on VHS. A very inspirational true story of determination overcoming adversity. Think I've read almost every Horse book written...
Good to hear an extended Family getting along so well n having fun together- We have some members who won't stay in the same room with some others due to past drunken arguements. Happy toasting to you!

So you're posting every day for that? or doing 3 letters per post maybe?

Lynn said...

Eva -

Thank you!

John -

Thank you - but I'll be right here blogging in the A to Z Challenge. :)

Riot Kitty -

I know - they do look skeptical. :)

Betty -

Thank you for coming by.

Snaggle -

When I was down there recently some of them got out of the fence and onto a neighbor's property (who also has cows). She and the plantation manager had to figure out which were theirs and round them up and get them back through the hole in the fence and then patch the fence. She looked so tired after.

Yesterday there was a part in that book about what jockeys had to do to stay in their mandatory weight. Very interesting and gross at times.

Yes - the A to Z challenge works like this. You have to post 26 times in April, so I'll post this Sunday only and then every day after that. The Sundays during the rest of the month are a break day, so it works out. I'll do one letter per day.

Ileana said...

It's almost lunchtime and that pizza sounds yummy!

Love the cow pic. I pass some every day on the way to the kids' schools. They mingle with birds. I need to take a pic for you, especially on those foggy mornings.

Enjoy your challenge!

Jannie Funster said...

Yep, looking forward to your A to Z.

And I can comment now!~


Maude Lynn said...

Oh, I bet that I would love Seabiscuit!

Lynn said...

Scarlet -

They refer to those birds as "cowbirds" where my niece and family live. :) Send the pic - I'd love to see it.

Jannie -

So glad - it's never the same without you.


Mama Zen -

Get the movie - much more entertaining.