Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leaving the city, Hiwassee River and the neighbors

- Arriving in the North Carolina mountains last Friday evening to an alternate universe.  The air turned cooler, a man even commented on that as I was getting out of my car at Ingles (grocery store).  Inside, employees were helpful and apologetic that there was no pita bread. There were even employees in the produce section making guacamole to order!  That's mine above - delicious.  I  began to feel relaxed already after being asked how I am at the checkout and being thanked for coming.  A wonderful place.

- Yard art featuring swimming fish marks the spot where there's a good fishing hole nearby.  Not that I do that.  Fish are safe from me - I just like to read and gaze at the river going by.  And eat guacamole.

- The farmer across the river, Mr. Martin, is in his 90s and still works his farm every day.  That's him on his red tractor in the field that will yield Silver Queen Corn.  He was on his knees in that field on Saturday, inspecting plants.  No sign of him on Sunday - he respects the Sabbath.  And on Monday, back to work, as you see here.

- A beautiful teal-headed duck surveys the river from a rock.  He and his mate like that spot out there and came to visit a number of times.  I loved seeing them fly in and come in for a landing.  A peaceful place - I love it there.  Can you tell?


happygirl said...

Oh Lynn, guacamole, sitting by a river, reading a book... This sounds lovey. Enjoy.

Chatty Crone said...

It sounds like you noticed most the unhurried life style they had too. And the time for kindness and meaning what they say. And generally being nice. Guess you are right - city life is much more hectic. Nice place. Beautiful photos. sandie

Louvregirl said...

Love-love guacamole! That looked awful good, Lynn. My oh my, the color of that water. What a truly peaceful place.

It reminds me (much) of this poem that I wrote last summer (?) about the many rivers and streams down in the 'hollers' here and how wonderful it is to find them, come upon them...and sit a spell.

Ode to a Tinkling Stream (If You Will)

There is a place down in there
Where river waters run
And peace, like a companion sits
Alone waiting in the sun.

There is a place down in there
Where river waters rush
There is a place down in there
Where one can hear a hush

There is a place down in there
Where gentle glories lie
Where troubles drift and sorrows lift
With each cloud that passes by--

There is a place down in there
Where you can go to hear
Your thoughts that ripple one by one
And you can shed a tear

There is a place down in there
(Fond memory of the heart)
Of love found at the water's edge
From this (dear one) do not depart--

There is a place down in there
Where the river waters flow
Next to the giant oak tree
A thing that you should know

And if by chance, you set there
Stretched long, quiet, and still
You'll find yourself a resting place
That is, if you will.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. what a lovely sounding place - just peacefully bliss-like. Looks quite wonderful .. enjoy ..

Cheers Hilary

LL Cool Joe said...

I was delighted to see that Hobby Lobby closes on a Sunday to respect the Sabbath and allow their staff to as well. That's unusual.

Love the yard art.

Full-On-Forward said...

I just Love my NC Mountains! Bless you MOM for moving there!

Great post Lynn,


Betty Manousos said...

what a beautiful scenery/place! pure bliss! beautiful photos too.

i'd love to go there.

big hugs my dearest!

Lynn said...

happygirl -

It was lovely. Sometimes I conjure up the sound of the river in my head when I'm stressed.

Sandie -

People are often nice in the city, too, but I just don't see that kind of universal kindness and niceness in Atlanta. It is a nice place.

lg -

I love guacamole, too. And that is excellent that they make there - they said that most of the Ingles stores are doing it or will be.

I love your poem - thanks for sharing it - it says it all.

Hilary -

Yes - blissful is a good way to put it.

Lynn said...

Joe -

Me, too. Chick-fil-A closes on Sunday, too. I didn't know that about Hobby Lobby.

John -

I know - Bless my sister's mother-in-law for buying that house back in the day. I am fortunate to be able to use it.

Betty -

It's a lovely little area kind of tucked away. The first few times I went there, I had to have someone come fetch me so I could follow them to the house.

Hugs to you!

Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN said...

thanks for the nice mention of Ingles!

Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN said...

thanks for the nice mention of Ingles!

Jannie Funster said...

Cool air sounds lovely to me. And guac beside rivers. And men on red tractors. And Silver Queen corn!

I always have liked North Carolina. tall pines and sweet-talking peeps.


Lynn said...

Ingles Dietitian -

Thanks for coming by! I love that store in Hayesville, NC, and all their smiling employees. A truly happy place, especially with the addition of guacamole making in the produce section. Yum.

Jannie -

Me, too. You sure are up early - my sweet-talking friend. :)

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Oops - forgot.


G. B. Miller said...

Going up the country does a body good.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Some folks are gluttons for fresh fish! I used to fish before I developed empathy for them. I haven't had guacamole in many years now... but did thin the baby beet plants by eating the greens. Both good sources of iron.
I wonder if you ever get to eat the fresh coen from the field accross the River?

Lynn said...

G -

Yes it does. :)

Snaggle -

I have had his corn! It's wonderful - delicate and sweet. He sells it at the farmers market at the town square on Saturdays. You have to get there early to get it.

sage said...

I look forward to being in the NC mountains for a day or two next week!

Dana said...

Guacamole! How I wish I had some right now. :)

TALON said...

Oh, I wish I was there :)

Glad you had a lovely time!

Sparkling Red said...

It's so beautiful! God bless Mr. Martin. I've never seen a nonagenarian on a tractor before.

Granny Annie said...

Are you going to eat all of that guacamole by yourself? It does look yummy.

I desperately need that yard art of fish.

Hope people will find us still driving tractors around the place when we are in our 90s.

What a wonderful place to sit and watch the water in motion surrounded by thick shade.

Lynn said...

Sage -

I hope you have a wonderful time - I guess you're seeing family?

Dana -

Love it -

Talon -

I did - glad to see you back, my friend.


Sparkling Red -

He's "early to bed early to rise" - I can tell by his farmhouse lights. I think that's what keeps him so healthy - keeping busy.

Granny Annie -

That guacamole didn't last through Sunday - it was so good.

That neighbor (who wasn't home) has so many beautiful flowers, but I liked those fish!

I hope so, too - I think keeping busy keeps you going.

I love it there - lots of time for introspection. :)

Leonora said...

Oh, I could lose hours and hours at that river.