Monday, January 14, 2013

Culture in the afternoon, favorite pieces and due diligence

- At the High Museum of Atlanta on Saturday afternoon for an exhibition called Fast Forward:  Modern Moments 1913 - 2013.  This one, "Street, Berlin" is from 1913 and depicts two prostitutes surrounded by "glancing men" by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  The piece was included for its angled perspective and frenetic energy.  I would not have picked these women out of a crowd to be prostitutes, but times change, I guess.  And I was delighted to be able to use my phone to snap photos.

- These prints from the late 1940s are from a university in postwar Germany advertising its classes.

- The exhibit included Andy Warhol, of course, this one from 1961.

- And Roy Lichtenstein, always a favorite of mine, also from 1961.  The woman was on an advertisement from a hotel in the Pocono mountains, and Lichtenstein transformed her into a comic book "doll."

- This one was at the end and completed the exhibit with an installation from 2013.  I call it "stuff sitting on shelves" - I don't recall the artist's name or the actual title (my bad).  Friend Barbara G and I gave our due diligence in gazing at it though.

My favorite part of the day - the brunch beforehand, where there was polenta topped with two eggs and a black bean salsa.  Yum.  On Wednesday - an astounding piece (to me.)  This post was getting a bit photo heavy.  :)


Granny Annie said...

I did not know museums allowed photographs. The Warhol water heater painting made me cringe because we are getting a new hot water heater and it will not be $55. Another envious outing.

sage said...

It has been a long time since I've been to the High Museum. Thanks for taking me along.

Joanne said...

thank you for infusing my monday morning with a bit of culture!

Fireblossom said...

Those are some well-covered up prostitutes. Times DO change.

happygirl said...

Going to an art museum is such a pleasant diversion. Yeah, I wouldn't have pegged those two as prostitutes either.

BeluBelloBelle said...

nice notes behind all frames stay tune. Thank you for sharing this :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - I'm surprised you were able to take photos .. but great to see the exhibits and pictures ... always interesting in one way or the other ...

Different culture and different times - fascinating to see - thanks .. cheers Hilary

Riot Kitty said...

You talk about times changing indeed! I would have thought they were just going out to the theater.

Weekend-Windup said...

Valuable one...

LL Cool Joe said...

I really like the University prints. It's amazing when you look at modern art and then see the dates and realise it's not modern at all, but pretty old!

Elephant's Child said...

Our museums and galleries don't allow photos, - I am really glad this one did. Like you, I would not have picked those women as prostitutes.
Thank you for our walk through... am looking forward to the next exciting installment.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Thanks for the art tour! Like the Perspective of the painting. The German Ads remind me of studying color study designs by the German Albrecht Dur in college. My degree is in Visual Design-
The price if water heaters has really gone up! The shelf thing looks time consuming to make n see!

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I think it's OK if you don't use flash. I snapped the first one quickly with the camera on my phone and then noticed museum employees all around people with regular cameras, using no flash.

Sorry about having to get a new water heater - I'm on my third one since moving here.

Sage -

You're welcome!

Joanne -

So glad I could.

FB -

I'll say!

happygirl -

I bought a membership this year, because it was so cheap and got a dual membership so Barb could go with me.

Belu -

You're welcome!

Lynn said...

Hilary -

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are feeling better.

Riot Kitty -

I know - makes me wonder what non-prostitutes wore back then. :)

Weekend Windup -

Thank you -

Joe -

I know - I loved those, too.

The Elephant's Child -

It was fun putting together this post. :) Thanks for coming along!

Snaggle -

I'll bet you have created some wonderful artwork.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I haven't been there in years - we need to go!

Jannie Funster said...

Stuff sitting on shelves -- that's hilarious!! I think I have one of those sculptures in me.
So much fun to be swept away in an art house, eh?

I don't think we can take even non-flash photos in our galleries here, but I'll sure ask the next time we go. xoox

Lynn said...

Sandie -

This one closes on January 20, so it was pretty crowded. So much fun.

Jannie -

I know - we could all do something like that, I guess. :)


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