Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Soap box, fridge door and neighbors

Some really random good (or quirky) things from the week so far...

- A non-profit organization my company provides printing for was in an old fashioned soap box derby race (with the driver powered by Red Bull, I guess.)  :)  I liked that the "soap box" was signed by so many well wishers.  (Click to enlarge.)

- From my fridge door:  I couldn't spell cereal on my shopping list and cracked myself up.  Snapped with my phone this a.m.  The two young ladies on the left (college students then) are poised 30-somethings now and the mothers of Monroe and Mina (my great nephew and great niece, whom you have met.)  Maybe it's time to update the fridge pics  (and remember to buy cereal.)

- Epic fail in getting a good photo of neighbor Callie.  She and her mum are often sitting out front of our building when I come home from work and it's lovely to be greeted by this little dog, who is always so excited to see me. I'll keep trying to get her face, but she's always in wiggly motion.  :)


TALON said...

lol @ the cereal misspelling. I can totally relate! And, oh, the soapbox brings back some great memories. My brothers always used to enter competitions and spent hours and hours working on their creation (with my Dad as their consultant). So fun!

Oh, and it's always hard to shoot a moving target...but what a sweet one she is! :)

Joanne said...

Aww callie is such a cutie! My mom's puppy won't ever sit still for photos either!

Granny Annie said...

I hope a kid wasn't driving and drinking Red Bull.

Sometimes I will have a brain fart on some very simple words. What is that about? Toilet paper is usually toliet paper.

For that same reason I had a terrible time getting a photo of new kitten Catness. She was indeed a squirmy little thing. That pup is irresistible!

happygirl said...

Maybe you need to start eating granola. haha. cute little dog.

sage said...

Fake butter! :)

Lynn said...

Talon -

I got so impatient with myself that I couldn't write that down correctly. :)

That's neat about your dad and brothers. I have a pic of my dad as a boy in a soapbox, too.

Callie is just a little love and she can always pick me out of a crowd. Probably because I was the first neighbor she met.

Joanne -

She is just delightful. Rhonda had another black cocker spaniel, who had to be put down, and she was just bereft without her. She wandered into an animal shelter about two months later and there was Callie - needing a home. She's got a great one now.

Granny Annie -

I hope not, too. And I always spell Toilet wrong, too.

Catness is a cutie, too!

happygirl -

I know - easier to spell.

Sage -

Yes - it's that Smart Balance stuff. I don't mind it, but refuse to refer to it as butter. :)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

My mom used to spell things wrong and I thought it was so funny. We had apartments for rent and she spelled "child" as "chile."

Leonora said...

Ha,ha! Aside from the misspelling of cereal, I like the "fake butter" : )

On my fridge, the fake butter is written as LOL (for Land'O Lakes spread)

Louvregirl said...

Ha! Your last comment made me think of trying to photograph my own dog Ginger when she was a puppy. It was so hard to catch her when she was still!!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

I think the puppy photo is sweet! Your grocery list reminds me of mine: fake butter, fake chicken (vegan stuff.)

Snaggle Tooth said...

That is some strange sponsorship signage! Those races are fun- Cheer-eal is always good too! I like the young shots to see on the frig. Baby pics still on mine, years now. OK with me! I always love puppies too! So cute- n open to making new friends-

Elephant's Child said...

Oooh and aaah. And what a wonderful reason to have trouble taking Callie's photo - that she is so excited to see you she can't stand still. It doesn't get much better than that.
And I am very, very reassured to find that others suffer from brain fade.

LL Cool Joe said...

Isn't funny how you can have a mental block with certain words suddenly out the blue? I did that yesterday when I was writing a comment on someones blog and just couldn't remember how to spell convince. I have no idea why. Old age I suppose. :D

Lynn said...

Michael -

Chile is slang for Child, I think - very cute.

Leonora -

Hmmm - wonder if that LOL is buttery spread like I use.

lg -

Yesterday she rolled around on her back in the grass - she's so funny.

Riot Kitty -

I love me some real butter, but save calories most days where I can. :) I stopped at Publix on the way home and remembered everything since I posted it on my blog. And got two boxes of Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp, so I won't run out.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

There's a black and white photo there on the right with me as a baby (hidden.) I'm planning to frame this one for my dining room since I have that furniture now and one of those chairs is shown there at my grandmother's house.

Elephant's Child -

I have brain fade bad. :) Yes - it's lovely when an animal loves you - unconditional love.

Joe -

My spelling is getting bad lately, too. :)

Lee said...

What a cute little dog Callie is. So sweet!

Isn't it strange how sometimes our mind goes into dumb mode? Mine does - then I have to find the golden key and reset it or give it a spray with some WD-40 (lubricant)! ;)

G. B. Miller said...

Personally, I love substituting the word "cereal" for "serious", as in "are you cerealous?"

Makes it so that even if I haven't done one creative thing for the day, I still got it.

And sometimes, an epic fail is better than no success. :D

Sara said...

These are great. I like the FAKE BUTTER:~) So true, as is the spelling issue. Thank goodness for the little spelling expert inside every computer...otherwise I would definitely go down as the worst speller in all of history. Add that to forgetting words...

The soapbox car was great and I did click on it to see the autographs of encouragement:~)

Happy dogs are always hard to photograph. They like to wiggle:~)