Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wish you were here, pretty smart and doing this and not that

- Wish I was sitting in there reading a book right now.  A "meditation" area at the Hamilton Gardens in Hiawassee, Georgia.  I had no photo for today, but decided this one was definitely worthy of sharing, and it "spoke" to me this morning.

- Visiting a printing client who has just had a baby and loving the reaction from the three-year-old big sister, who showed the birth announcement proof to the sleeping baby (who was blissfully oblivious.)  The three-year-old wanted to walk out with me and see my car.  I looked at her mother, who said, "Oh - she is really into cars now."  Little Claire looks at the front of my car and pronounces it a "Toyota."  I am astounded - her mom says she has learned all car logos.

- Nearing home about two hours earlier than usual for a work day and thinking it was too early for a walk (too hot).  But it wasn't too early for a spa pedicure!  Loving the quiet of the nail salon and the back massage given by the spa chair.  And choosing the color is half the fun:  OPI's "Quarter of a Cent-Cherry."  


Elephant's Child said...

I LOVE the meditation area. I suspect I would find it hard to leave.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

happygirl said...

I would adore both the meditation spot and the pedi... bliss. Wow, isn't it amazing how kids can learn so much stuff. :)

Fireblossom said...

I love the names OPI uses. And, I want a meditation spot like that!

TALON said...

Yay! on the spa. We all need some serious pampering from time-to-time. :)

Leonora said...

My confession: I've never had a pedicure! (or a manicure) I have issues with someone touching my feet and hands and I should really get over that : ) Especially since I notice how nice pedicures make other people's feet look.

Lynn said...

Elephant's Child -

Me, too. I love how they positioned that path so you come upon it like that.

happygirl -

It is. And funny that this kid is so focused on car branding, of all things.

FB -

Me, too - I always make it a point to look at the name.

Talon -


Leonora -

My sister used to feel the same way, but finally had a pedicure and loved it.

Riot Kitty said...

Oooh, I want a spa pedicure and books and meditation now! (I accidentally typed medication the first time...slip??) That's very cute about the little kid. I had a similar experience walking at the lake the other day...a little boy came up and said, "Ford!"

Lee said...

Your first sentence echoed my own thoughts as I first looked at the photo before starting to read your post.

So peaceful...lovely!

Jannie Funster said...

Holy cow, she is smart! I sense a future in design or art for her?? Amazing!

Oooo, that sounds like a great pedicure color! And how funny -- today for the first time in probably years I treated myself to RED nail polish. I only do my toes, with guitar playing it gets too much to keep up with finger color. So now I have Instadri in a kind of dusty burgundy, abalone shell pale pink, bright perky spring pink and this new "Rapid Red" I guess for all the mens' hearts whenst they spy my lovely toes? :) Their hearts shall commence rapid palpitations? :)


Chatty Crone said...

I like to get my names done too!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Yep, a nifty looking book spot-
That 3 yr old is already a wonderful Big Sister to have- I still can't tell what some cars makes are, especially the newer models.
Glad you got some extra "You" time n found fun nail color.

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

You had your car with you on the walk, I'm guessing? :)

Lee -

I go there for walks, but should just go and sit in that meditation area sometime.

Jannie -

Hmmm - I wasn't thinking I'd cause palpitations in the gents around me by picking that color, but you never know.


Sandie -

Isn't it great?

Snaggle -

She is a great big sister - I loved seeing that interaction. And I think that is so interesting that she is memorizing car logos. A smart girl there.

LL Cool Joe said...

That does look a beautiful area to sit. I'm not sure I'd read though,maybe listen to some music. :)

Sounds like that little girl may work in the car industry!