Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silence, thankful for my friend and making the most out of life

Shooting Creek, NC by Bob Trammell

- Having some quiet time to wait in absolute silence before a meeting.

- Leisa kindly looking on Georgia Navigator for me to see why traffic was at a standstill. Later - considerate drivers letting each other over to make their way around the accident.

- Learning from a mass email that my neighbor Helen and former co-worker, and local artist, Bob were married last week. I did not know they even knew each other. Bob is very ill and the story can be read here. A lovely comment to Bob from the guestbook - "Today I ... enjoyed revisiting many of your beautiful writings and drawings. It made me remember many of the good times we had at BellSouth, particularly the ones about meetings and made me wonder if you were ever listening to us or just jotting down your poems as we talked!"

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