Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's so her, it's a Southern thing, and wonder

- Niece Amanda's response to my email telling her about the pink or gold metallic purses I spotted that made me think of her: "oooo! Those sound cute! I might have to go check them out!"

- Darling Peggy's greeting to to me when I arrived at the optometrist office: "Hi Hon, let me put on some lipstick and I'll be right with you!" My eye emergency apparently interrupted their lunch, but they were entirely gracious about it. And Peggy and my mother have something in common - my mother wouldn't walk to the mailbox without applying lipstick.

- Re-discovering an almost forgotten beaded purse that belonged to my Great Aunt Grace while looking for something else. It was thought too nice for the estate sale (20 years ago) and given to me. It looks as if it has never been used and doesn't look like anything she would have owned. I wonder if it had been a gift?

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