Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big fish, unfrightful and mulling the day

- Leaving a client meeting, I get a different view of this three-story copper fish that graces the front of The Atlanta Fish Market, an upscale seafood restaurant in Atlanta's Buckhead area. I think it looks as if the cranes are fishing him out of a building.

- Baking Christmas cookies with the weather outside being decidedly unfrightful.

- The heat of the oven driving me to sit outside on the deck at 8pm to mull the day and enjoy the crazy warm weather.


Georgie B said...

Warm weather?

I'm getting really jealous of the warm winter weather, with me stuck in Connecticut getting ready to face the snow.

How 'bout sending some my way? :-]

Jannie said...

I think the crane is lifting him! Cute observation.

Lynn said...

Georgie - and we would like to see some snow! It snows about once a year here!

Jannie - it looked so funny to me when I was getting in my car that I had to snap that pic.