Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Compensating, special treat and talented

- It is 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the Atlanta area this morning. They say on the news that if you step outside you'll turn to ice immediately. Just kidding, but I imagine it to be so. Anyway - I just want to drink hot drinks all day like this Turkish tea I had recently. It's cold, y'all!

- Someone brings in a pound cake with a lovely glaze over it to the office. Decorated with sprigs of rosemary all around it, with sugared cranberries in the middle. It is a thing of beauty, but I am not above being the first to cut into it and blowing the South Beach diet for it. :)

- A friend's son, fresh in from playing basketball, playing a beautiful tune from memory on his grandmother's piano.


Granny Annie said...

Not sure about the Turkish tea, especially served cold in this cold weather.

Also not sure about the cake. I don't think I would blow a diet for rosemary sprigs and cranberries. Now chocolate with chocolate icing is another story.

Love the mental picture of the exhausted basketball player cooling down by playing piano. My sister used to cure all her ills by seating herself at the piano and pouring her soul out. I always wished I could play.

G said...

I got you beat...its 21 here in Newington with a frosting of snow lovingly spread by Mother Nature on the highways and byways of this state.

Whoops...started getting a little purpley prosey again.

But then again, a good blog will often do that to me. :D

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad to say it's warming up a bit here.

I'll pass on the turkish tea thanks but I'll give the cake a try!

Louvregirl said...

You describe such good food and libations Lynn! Sure wish I could join you! An office party sounds FUN. I am (again) snowed in for the THIRD day in a row this Tuesday.) Hooo hum.

Matty said...

It's beyond cold up here in PA. I can't wait to move to a warmer climate after retirement.

I would blow a diet for that. Yes. I. Would.

Jannie Funster said...

Honey, wait til you hit 40 below! But hopefully you'll never be in that kind of climate. I can't imagine you will, you Southern Belle, you.

Tea is good, good, good. I'm still sipping my coffee at the moment. I'll have my Throat Coat later today. And seriously thinking of going back to bed. Feeling like cedar fever is coming on. I have to be fresh for an evening out with Tracy Funster ane Mardi Funster. If you're tired, I'll send you napping vibes.

Ahhh, South Beach diet -- that hell I lasted for 10 days on. Never again!


TALON said...

We can shiver together, Lynn. 15 F is supposed to be our high today...sigh...and it's not even winter yet!

Talk about synchronicity - I had the most delicious pound cake yesterday at the hairdresser. The owner (a man who loves to bake) and his 11 year old daughter had made a whole platter of delicious goodies.

How neat to hear the piano and how clever to play from memory...

desk49 said...

15 down
and colder to go
these hot drinks
are saving your soul

A pound cake
with rosemary around
cranberries inside
is going down

out in the cold
still he plays
the piano I'm told

sage said...

it was 11 here at 7 AM... I'll still drink ice tea for lunch! Stay warm.

Meredith said...

I heard from my mom this morning that y'all broke a hundred-year record low today in Georgia. Bundle up and keep warm, Lynn! (I want to go back to bed. I keep looking up from my work and seeing the cats among the blankets and longing to join them and hibernate!)

I'm glad you enjoyed the cake. The holidays are all about breaking the rules, I think. ;)

Sara said...

Wow. Where I live in North Florida, we were almost as cold as you! It's hard to adjust to going into the teens when you've enjoying the more mature age of being in the 70's:~)

When I worked at an office, this was the toughest times of year for me...holiday cookies, candies and all sorts of treats ended up in the break room...and quickly found their way into my stomach:~)

Riot Kitty said...

I heard about that freak weather in the Southeast - stay warm!

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

It was hot tea. I just followed that by complaining about the cold. :)

It was pretty good pound cake. But I'm with you - chocolate on chocolate - yum.

He is a great kid. His grandmother recently passed away and his mother wanted the piano for him.

G -

Bring on that purpley prose! And thanks. :)

Joe -

My niece's husband is from Turkey - I really enjoyed the whole Turkish experience when I was with them.

lg -

I wish I could send you some treats - hope you have some good books to read. And dvds.

Matty -

Hello there. You crack me up with Yes. I. Would :)

Jannie -

That sounds like some good Funstering. :) And yes - I am a confirmed Southern gal, I think.

Talon -

That sounds like my kind of hairdresser!

Ellis -

A great wrap up poem. Thank you for it. :)

Sage -

I know - it's always cold there - I am just a whiny girl. :)

Meredith -

We did break a record low. And I would be so tempted to snuggle up with those kitties.

Sara -

My sis was telling me about how cold they are in Florida. I'm worried about the fruit trees.

Riot Kitty -

Socks and fireplace. Two good things right now. :)

Fireblossom said...

Fifteen degrees in Atlanta? There ought to be a law.

That's pleasing about the cager/pianist.

LulĂș said...

It's the perfect time of year for piano (or keyboard) music. I need to get those Christmas music books out!

As for the Turkish tea, it looks interesting...but the pound cake sounds better! Glad you got some unexpected treats!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Interesting teacup! Looks good- never tried Turkish yet-
Really cold down there! It's in the 2- to 30 F range here! Hope you have a Snuggie!
Cake sounds good- love cranberries. At least it's cold to burn off the calories keeping warm!
Piano music is always relaxing- unless I'm listening to Scott Joplin or Jerry Lee Lewis...

Lynn said...

FB -

Right? I know - we got through it though and it is good to see churches and shelters accommodating those who usually sleep outside.

Lulu -

Unexpected treats make the best kind, I think. :)

Snaggle -

That is what the Turkish people take their hot tea in - a small curved glass like that. I'm sure it has a name. :)