Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diamonds, activity and just because

- The lake behind a client's office, glittering like diamonds. So different from another view of it taken in August, but still beautiful.

- Another client demonstrates how well she walks after hip replacement surgery. She seems young for this to me, but says she will just be happy to get back to horseback riding, belly dancing classes and rock climbing.

- Ending the day with a glass of red wine from a bottle that makes me smile, Middle Sister "Rebel Red" - along with a bite of dark chocolate. Just because.


desk49 said...

Diamonds glittering
Across the lake shore
She walks and is young
Once more
Red wine and chocolate
Go together well
Have some middle sister rebel red
I won’t tell

Mama Zen said...

Just because . . . the best reason of all!

Louvregirl said...

Ummm. Dark chocolate. Yes Lynn~ that sounds good.

sage said...

sounds like a good way to end the day... here, at night, there are a million diamonds sparkling in the snow!

Jewel Allen said...

Chocolate is always a great fix! Your client sounds like a hoot :-)

TALON said...

The photo is gorgeous, Lynn. I like the "just because" for it's the best reason of all.

Great that the woman will be able to get back to doing all the things she loves...

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I am a middle sister myself and was a bit rebellious back in the day. :) Thank you for my poem!

Mama Zen -


lg -

I love a bit of silky dark chocolate. Yum.

Sage -

Oh I'll bet that is beautiful.

Jewel -

She is - and I liked it that her cane is pink.

Talon -

I could see the sunlight sparkling on the water from the elevator bay. A man smoking out there gave me a curious look (probably because it was 20 degrees.) :)

Meredith said...

Ah, just because... that's the best, really. :) Love the name of that wine.

And guess what? I remember that first shot of the lake! Are you amazed?

Riot Kitty said...

Just because is always a great reason :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I like to call that sun on water effect "Shimmer". Always makes me feel wonderful-
Rock climbing? Perhaps that's what happened to the old hip?! Glad it worked out for her.
So you Are the rebel middle sis?!
I'm a middle sis also, but with two older bros also.
I've been drinking alot of hot chocolate lately- myself.

Lynn said...

Meredith -

I am not surprised - you are such a faithful visitor to my little blog. Thank you for that.

Riot Kitty -

I think so, too. :)

Snaggle -

Shimmer is a great word. I like that description. And yes, I'm the rebel middle sister. :) Although not so rebellious these days - the beauty of being an adult, I guess.

Jannie Funster said...

Lovely post.

Enjoyed the different seasons in the photos.

Wines do have funny and wonderful names. Ones that come to name I've tried are Fat Bastard, Marilyn Merlot & The Naked Grape, and Cardinal Zin.

Wine is fun.

And good.