Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gourmet lunch, morning detour and adjective

- My delicious lunch from Star Provisions near my office. A savory tart, with button mushrooms, shallots, sherry vinegar and Gruyere cheese. So good that I'll be dreaming of this thing for weeks. A once in a while treat.

- A morning detour to visit a friend who works in a church building founded in 1848. The sanctuary is a thing of beauty, with stained glass windows "depicting the story of the Christian message" by artists of Tiffany, D’ Ascenzo, and Willet. Best of all, a peaceful chat in a busy day.

- A tax appointment that takes up the whole evening is made so much better because the accountant and I are once-a-year buddies. It is fun to catch up and to have her put some organization on my folder of tax documents. She likes my Goodwill donation slip in which I list various donated household items with the highlight of a "nice two-handled basket." She says it must have been nice since it is the only donation that got an adjective. :)


G. B. Miller said...

Tax time....ugh. Reminds me that I have to start doing mine in the next week or two.

That church sounds like a good place to work. Whenever someone needs a mental break all they have to do is go downstairs to the main area and enjoy the serenity that the stained glass windows emit.

LL Cool Joe said...

That food looks good apart from the mushrooms. :D

That does sound a nice place to work, the tax appointment sounds less appealing! :D

kenju said...

I'd love that tart, mushrooms and all!

We enjoy our tax man too, and oddly enough, look forward to our yearly meeting. It's just getting the taxes done ahead of time that is the pain!

Fireblossom said...

adjectives are a status symbol! ;-)

Granny Annie said...

I am pretty sure the calorie count and fat gram count on that savory tart would not fit my fitness budget.

Do you ave any idea what it costs to insure stained glass windows? Our little church in Kansas had one small, round stained glass window and it was to be insured for $30,000! There was no way the budget could afford that so it is insured to this day by prayer.

Our CPA is a great gal who cleaned up a big mess for us several years ago and even though our taxes are very simple now, I would not try to do them or take them anywhere else.

TALON said...

I'm so jealous - I wish I could sneak a bite or two of that tart!

Always nice to have the tax stuff over and done with long before the deadline :)

Stained glass - just has so much individuality and charm - and it makes the best color reflections ever!

desk49 said...

Here in Oklahoma we throw tarts at a tartboard. I don't see a lot of tartboard in the bars I hang out in.

A house of God with
stained glass around
built long ago and
init a friend was found

Old things thrown out
tax's saved
Goodwill to some
each year one day

Unknown said...

G -

We walked into the sanctuary for a moment - it is so beautiful. I asked her if she ever sits in the courtyards to read or meditate and she says she does.

Good luck with the tax thing - I'm so glad to have that done with.

Joe -

That was the yummiest thing - that tart. My boss thought I was eating McDonald's french fries. :)

Kenju -

I just kept throwing tax docs in a folder and sorted them out at lunchtime yesterday. I always look forward to seeing my tax lady, too.

FB -

It's funny, but I can't think what that basket even looked like. Makes me wonder now - I must have liked it to apply an adjective to it.

Granny Annie -

It's for sure not in my diet plan, but I ate it anyway. :)

I don't have any idea, but it would be devastating to lose windows like that through any damage. The place was locked up tight and the one entrance was heavily guarded.

I feel the same sort of loyalty to my accountant - I'm glad to hear that it happens all over.

Unknown said...

Talon -

Come visit and we'll go get one of those tarts! :)

Ellis -

I like that tarts at a tartboard thing. :) Hee hee. Thank you for my poem!

Jannie Funster said...

What other kind of a basket (or anything) COULD you give!? All your stuff is as nice as you.

Gad you treated yourself to that yummmy treat. I treated myself to a muffin today.

1848 was a great year. BB has gone on and traced his family back quite a ways. In 1848 on his mother's side they were living in Barcelona. Crossed here in 1897 to Williamsburg, he thinks.


Ileana said...

Wow, that tart looks yummy! I love mushrooms and funky cheeses!!

A peaceful chat is always nice after a long and busy day. Wishing you a happy evening, my friend, and a wonderful weekend!!

sage said...

Good thing dinner isn't far off, that tart looks so yummy that I may start gnawing on my arm

Riot Kitty said...

Treats sometimes are an absolute necessity :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

That tart sounds wonderful n nutritious too! A stained glass inspired friendly chat break sounds great- At least the buddy accountant takes the stress out of it all for you- I have to do my own. Hope you get alot of change back-

Lynn said...

Jannie -

I always suspected that Blue Bunny had a long and distinguished lineage. :)


Lulu -

I like funky cheeses, too. :)

Sage -

I hope you didn't do that. :)

Riot Kitty -

I agree - although I imagine the calorie count on that thing was high - seemed like lots of butter in the crust. Yum.

Snaggle -

I got back a little. It's all good. :)

Anil P said...

The older the churches are, more of an atmosphere they seem to have. And the stain-glass suffuses the insides wonderfully.

There're many churches in India with beautiful stain-glass work.

Lynn said...

Anil P -

I can only imagine the beauty of the buildings in India, but have seen some of it through your wonderful blog.