Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Premiere footage, extinguisher and pilau

- Spotted on the Atlanta History Center website - home video footage by Russell Bellman of the "Gone With the Wind" Atlanta Premiere (December 15, 1939). The video features the Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, the Gone With the Wind Ball, and the Loew's Grand Theatre in Atlanta. I saw the dress that Scarlett wore to the barbecue.

- Chatting up the man who is changing out the fire extinguishers at my work building and remarking that I need to get one of those for my house. He goes to his truck and brings me a used one as a gift, something I will never live down with my co-workers. Oh my - the teasing! But I say, when you are nice to people, good things happen to you. :)

- It was warm enough in Thomasville, Georgia for a cookout yesterday. On the menu: Chicken Pilau (pronounced "pur-loo"), a low country dish. My mother pronounces it delicious - wish I could have been there. Here is a recipe with a picture.


Fireblossom said...

I am not surprised that people like to do things for you. You're just a nice person! :-)

Granny Annie said...

I would give anything to have been at that Premier.

I was opening an account for a gentleman once and he told me he was going to bring me a bicycle for my son. It was so exciting to think of this nice gesture and I failed to get all the verifications I needed for his account. He ended up taking local merchants for about $32,000 before leaving town, thanks to me:) For some reason I did not lose my job and that was the real prize. However co-workers ask me for months to come if I got that bicycle yet.

That recipe sounds wonderful and I was glad to find that website.

Blue Bunny said...

its my favrit moovie about ladies in wide dresses. i like wen she eets the karrit at the barbecue.

my jannie haz 4 fine ixtinguishers in she kitchin, she do be a littel wilde wit fires sumtimes.


Louvregirl said...

The chicken dish looks great; well~anything (almost!)with bacon...

desk49 said...

A dress you saw
History was made
when in Atlanta Georgia
Gone With the Wind
was once played

A gift to you
from a kind man
might save your house
if a fire gets fanned

a chicken was not happy
for yesterday was warm
and it got cooked
into pur-loo on which
everyone swarmed.

Lynn said...

FB -

Thank you - that is so nice of you to say!

Granny Annie -

I watched the next video that popped up about the filming of GWTW and that barbecue scene was filmed at Busch Gardens. In fact, the entire film was made in California.

Oh my - I'm glad you didn't lose your job over that, but sounds as if you gained some notoriety!

My sister has gotten to try that pilau dish down there, so I emailed her this recipe to ask if it seems the same to her. My mother is so lucky to have such great food like that all the time.

Blue Bunny -

I could see your Jannie being wild with the fires. :) Hee hee.


lg -

I know - I could be vegetarian except if it wasn't for bacon. :)

Ellis -

Good one! Thank you for my poem. :)

Sara said...

I loved the video as I really enjoy seeing the people. The lady crossing the street in the fur coat made me chuckle and the dancers...well, that's something I would have to seen in real life.

I agree with Fireblossom, it doesn't surprise that people would do nice things for you. You take time to talk to them:~)

Wow. Thomasville is right up the street. So close; yet so far:~)

TALON said...

Cookout! Did you say cookout? That would be so lovely right about now...

I'm glad you got the be sure you know how to use it and I hope you never do!

Riot Kitty said...

Ooooooooooooh, I'm so jealous it's warm. We are expecting snow.

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like your chatting up strategy worked well!

The sun is shining here in AZ now, and it's such a joy. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Think of how far movies have come since '39, n how classic that film still is. I agree that kindness pays us back triple! I've had an extinguisher since some neighbors died in a fire- but it needs recharging again.
I read that recipe n sounds yummy- too bad I've sworn off bacon tho-

desk49 said...

Would a normal reply be better?

Lynn said...

Sara -

That area of downtown Atlanta looks nothing like that now. The municipal auditorium used to have so much grass around it - it's now surrounded by concrete and is part of the university buildings.

I'll be in Thomasville this weekend - looking forward to it.

Talon -

I know - cookout sounds crazy in the winter, but it's like spring there already.

That's right - I do need to learn how to use that thing. Hope I never need it either.

RK -

Hard to imagine that right now. It's very warm here this week. The highs are around 70.

Joe -

That's nice that you are feeling some heat right now - lovely.

Snaggle -

I always though GWTW sort of romanticized the civil war, but I still like to watch it. :)

Ellis -

I like your poetic replies, but any kind of reply is fine with me.