Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking for food, finding food and wee neighbor

- This guy and a friend were looking for something to eat at 7:30am in the small patch of grass in front of the printing company. Odd that they picked this spot. It must have been a big migrating day, because some geese flew overhead later in the afternoon, honking away, during my walk at Stone Mountain park.

- Needing Monday comfort food, I had those sliders for lunch at Hankook Taqueria around the corner from my office. Cholesterol on a plate, but so good!!! My favorite part was the cucumber kimchee, which added a cool crunch in the middle.

- This is the little bird who has made a nest in the fern hanging by my front door. She flew out as I approached after work. The zoom feature of my camera caught her looking bigger than she is (and more red than I knew before.)


happygirl said...

Cucumber kimchee, yum.

Louvregirl said...

Ah ha! The geese are active in Georgia, too! Have a good day Lynn!

Jannie Funster said...

I wonder if a bit of salmon would be good on that fried green tomato taco?

Hey, a Canada goose stopping to say hi to YOU before bopping up to see my folks. Did he and his friend break into dance for you?


Lance said...

Now you're making me hungry!!! I WANT those sliders, too!!

Sara said...

Sliders...yum:~) I can't have them very often, but I do cheat every once in awhile.

Our geese are almost permanent residents. They moved to Florida and decided to stay:~)

I know what kind of bird that is. She is really a bright red, but she doesn't look like a cardinal, plus they wouldn't nest in a fern. Got me stumped, but it is a nice picture:~)

G. B. Miller said...

Now that lunch menu looks like something my favorite eatery would do.


Lynn said...

happygirl -

It was yum. :)

lg -

Yes, but on the move, I think.

Jannie -

Probably good. :)

And no break dancing, but they did honk a hello.


Lance -

Ah - well, they could be yours at Hankook Taqueria. So good.

Sara -

That was a total cheat thing for me, too, and I worked out after work.

My friend Susan says that is a house finch. I emailed her the picture today.

G -

Double yum!

Cloudia said...

nice day!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




LL Cool Joe said...

3 photos today! Very cool. That food does sound good!

Riot Kitty said...

Nice pics. What kind of a bird is hte red one?

TALON said...

Funny, I just posted some geese (I guess they all don't vacate Canada - lol). Those sliders sound yummy! Once in a while some cholestoral is a necessity :)

desk49 said...

I'm not sure if geese eat bugs?
I had onion rings covered in a pancake batter and fish corn mill. DEEP fat fried I felt my pants stretch.

Lynn said...

Cloudia -

It was a good day. Thank you -

Joe -

One photo kind of lead to the other - I'm glad you liked it. The food there is so great - the owner/chef was a chef at a big restaurant, but wanted to open this place and embrace his Korean roots - he also has a food truck that goes out every day and they tweet the location on Twitter.

Riot Kitty -

My friend Susan thinks it is a house finch - she says they love being close to houses.

Talon -

As Tony Soprano said, "Maybe that is north for them." :)

I agree about the cholesterol - once in a while doesn't hurt.

Ellis -

So I'm in good company. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Geese all over this week- here too! Got no pics tho- It's rainy-stormy again! You get the most fun lunches- don't know what thesliders or cuke stuff is! Oh it IS the twitter truck guy-
Pretty bird! Does have a finch-like beak. Mischief liked your pic when I clicked it large.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I'm glad Mischief liked the photo - that totally made me smile. Thank you.