Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dancing, outside watering and a good thing

- One of my coworkers recreated this with two former classmates for their 40th high school reunion on Saturday night. Watch it if you have time. I love the spirit of these actual senior citizens, who performed a dance to "Billie Jean" at an assisted living facility. It's one of those you tube videos gone viral.

- It's gotten sort of routine - going outside to water plants at 5 a.m. I sort of enjoy the quiet nurture time of watering the ferns, ivy, geraniums, dragon wing begonia and renegade pot of weeds. I imagine what their day is like in the sizzling heat and like to think they appreciate the early morning water.

- Hearing my mother's sweet voice saying "Hello?" when I call her in the late afternoon. I always ask her if anything good happened to her that day and yesterday she says the highlight is my call. :)


happygirl said...

I call my mom every morning on the way to the office. She is beginning to forget so much. We chat about the weather. Sometimes it makes me sad, but I'm glad to have her here.

Lance said...

That video is too cool!! Good on them for getting up there and dancing!

And very awesome - your calls with your mother...

Granny Annie said...

Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! Those fellows have to have a lot of nerve to go on stage like that. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

My ritual of watering our pecan tree is not paying off for two of the five remaining trees. It is breaking my heart. Maybe this rain can help save them.

My dad used to call me at 6AM for my wake-up call. I was terrified that my alarm wouldn't go off and I would be late for work, so he started calling me as a favor. We had wonderful conversations but he started carrying those calls into the weekends. Yikes. Still I would give anything to have the calls back.

TALON said...

Awww! I loved that video. Kudos to them! You bet those plants are happy with the water - I bet they start chattering excitedly every morning before you come :)

Your Mom sounds so sweet, Lynn.

Sparkling Red said...

Those are all such feel-good things I can't pick a favourite. The elderly Michael Jacksons are fantastic!

Fireblossom said...

Ha! Got to love the high water pants.

Riot Kitty said...

I would love to see a pic of a dragon wing begonia!

Maude Lynn said...

I find watering to be incredibly peaceful

Lynn said...

happygirl -

My mom is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers - my sister and I call her every day. She gets annoyed with me sometimes when I quiz her about details, such as what she had for lunch, but I want to keep her brain working.

Lance -

I know - those look like fun men. :)

Granny Annie -

Same here! But I liked it that they so obviously poke fun at themselves.

I hope the rain helps the trees! We're not seeing nearly enough rain here either - that's why I'm doing the daily watering.

I miss my dad, too.

Talon -

I like the thought of them chattering - "Here she comes! OK - everyone be quiet so she won't know we can talk. Ahhh - cool water." :)

Lynn said...

Sparkling Red -

Thank you and I like that, too. :)

FB -

I know! So great.

Riot Kitty -

I'll email you a picture.

Mama Zen -

Me, too - I used to never mind doing that as a teenager at home either.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Can't watch videos for another week while I BBsit. I water at 3am after work to avoid the bees, n avoid being late to work. Being a highlight of anothers Day is always wonderful.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love this video! I popped over from Cloudia's blog.
Take care with your mom. My late father had dementia from a brain tumour. It is difficult watching a parent decline.
Free advice: don't pressure your mom. Live in her reality. Quizzing her won't bring back the brain cells, nor will any brain gym games. It is a myth. Look over old photos with her. Help her remember the past while you can.
I volunteer in long-term care and write about what I have learned.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I hope you get to watch it. :)

Jenn -

Thank you for coming by and the advice - the main thing is that I need topics for conversation since I talk to her on the phone every day and sometimes twice a day. :)