Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain girl, laughing and kindness

Fire's Creek, Clay County, North Carolina

- Loving my few days in the mountains and deciding that I'm a mountain girl at heart.

- Laughing with sisters until my throat hurt.

- Grateful for the kind stranger who got my car started when my sister and I were in the middle of nowhere, trying to get home.

More tomorrow...


Fireblossom said...

I think I'm a mountain girl at heart, too, Lynn. What a beautiful photograph!

happygirl said...

The kindness of strangers and fun with sisters. This is the stuff that gives hope. Beautiful pic of the mountains and trees. I can feel the coolness. :)

Granny Annie said...

Loved Colorado mountains when I was a kid. It does bring to my mind my sister and my brother as we vacationed near Colorado Springs every summer. Brings to mind an adventure my sis and I had in the car only sis was driving and insisted we give "strangers" a ride to nearby town. (cute boys of course) and I cowered in the backseat just knowing they were going to rape and kill us and if they didn't kill us our dad would learn of this and he would kill us.

Lynn said...

FB -

Proud to be a mountain girl. :) Confession - that was a photo from another time. I got in late last night and didn't get my pictures out of my camera yet.

happygirl -

Thank you and I am glad that gives hope.

Here's what happened - I thought my car cranked somewhat sluggishly as we left the house for the last time yesterday to head back to Atlanta (our other sister was already on the road to Florida.) We stopped for gas at a country gas station and the battery was dead when I tried to crank it back up. I have jumper cables, but we needed another car and there was no one around. I finally called the auto club and they said they'd send someone in about an hour. Then a small pick-up truck pulled up and the young lady working inside told the man we needed help. He got my car started and turned to go quickly, telling me that I needed to drive straight to the parts place for a new battery. A stranger who wanted nothing in return. How lovely. AND when I got to the Auto Zone store near my house, I got a free battery because the old one still had two more months under warranty. Sweet!

Granny Annie -

I'm glad they turned out to be just cute boys and not crazy boys! :)

Lance said...

Hey there Mountain Girl!!!!

Jannie Funster said...

Glad you got a new free battery, Lynn!

I think I'm a mountain Girl too. Maybe you, FB should meet on a mountain!

I know that sister laughter, it's the best.


Louvregirl said...

The 'mountain girl' club is a very good one to be in. I am drinking these ol' mountains in and cannot get enough!
Your weekend sounds fab.

Mama Zen said...

What a beautiful picture!

TALON said...

Stunning shot. So glad you had a lovely time...and thank heavens for the kindness of strangers - I'd hate to think of you all stranded.

Lynn said...

Lance -

Hey Lance and that's me. :)

Jannie -

Sister laughter is the best.


lg -

Oh how lovely to be there all the time like you.

MZ -

Thank you -

Talon -

At least I would have been stranded with my sister, but yes, I'm thankful, too.

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, glad there was a good Samaritan there for you.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Is that a foot bridge? Mountains can be very charming. Glad you had a great laugh together to remember. Hope the hurt didn't last too long-
The kindness of talented mechanical strangers is wonderful. Glad help was provided when you really needed it! The Angels are looking out for you!

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

He was. My sister tried to give him money, but he refused it.

Snaggle -

That is a foot bridge. I love that spot. And I do think Angels watch over me.