Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chamber of Commerce day, reward and fleet feet

- Another gorgeous day in Atlanta, blue skies, and the high temperature was 77 degrees. It's what I call a Chamber of Commerce day.

- Landscape designer James Farmer in the October edition of Southern Living magazine: "Fall is a Southerner's reward for having survived summer."

- Sitting in traffic* and watching a squirrel traverse a power line going across Indian Creek Drive, just like The Great Wallenda, only faster. :)

* And then spotting a woman dressed as a pink bumblebee or fairy. A policeman stopped traffic and the pink fairy lead a wave of women (and a few men) dressed in pink in crossing the intersection. They were on a three-day walk for breast cancer. They walked 60 miles last weekend. (This happened last Friday.)


Leonora said...

I love the quote in #2. Fall couldn't come soon enough for me when we lived in Birmingham, AL. I waited and waited and it finally arrived around Christmas : )

Granny Annie said...

I too love that quote but I fear our Fall is getting a tough start. First the drought destroyed most of our foliage and now there is not as much left to turn colors. Plus our weather still cannot make up it's mind on whether to be cold or hot.

So when you first saw the pink fairy did you check you breath to see if you had been drinking?

Blue Bunny said...

I know wot you meen about sumer beeing finaly over!! we had so mutch hot heer too i feeled i was melting.

so, i hope yoo liek my new hat?? I practising my kostume for holloween. I think i mite be a canadien mountee.

or maybe a kitten or a dinosore.

have a grate day, my Lynns!!


Riot Kitty said...

A pink bumblebee! That is dedication.

happygirl said...

You Hot'lantians deserve lovely fall weather. Seriously. Halloween and the freaks come out. Grab your camera, Lynn. :)

Lynn said...

Leonora -

It's so lovely to not walk outside right now and want to cry because of the heat. And my car would be boiling hot, too.

Exactly - that's about when fall really sets in here - around Christmas.

Granny Annie -

You all really had hot weather - I hate to complain about ours in comparison.

I was started to see that. :)

Blue Bunny -

Heehee about the beers.

And I do like your new hat - very dashing!

A dinosaur would make a dandy costume!


Riot Kitty -

I think so, too. :)

happygirl -

We don't get much trick or treating at the condos - there are a few little ones that I get candy for just in case. But I'll definitely snap some photos if I see anything freaky. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Gorgeous tree color pic! Looks like Fall is the souths best season- pleasant temps. We're dipping down to 40's now.
I love watching squirrels tightrope dance- so balanced n graceful in their swiftness-
It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, n sounds like folks there take it very seriously- men in pink n all- Good for the cause. My feet are throbbing just thinking of a 60 mile walk!

Ileana said...

I love all the pink-ness going on all over town. Sixty miles is a lot of walking. That's awesome!

Beautiful fall pic. Your weather looks and sounds perfect!! ENJOY!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Great to see so much pink around, although it's a colour I avoid like the plague, it just brings back too many nasty memories of a previous life.

Lovely photo!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Yes - we are probably at about peak leaf change right now.

I know - I can't imagine walking 60 miles. I love seeing them do it though.

Ily -

I hope you are feeling better. Yes - my doctor came in the examing room the other day wearing a pink exam jacket. I love all the pink, too.

Joe -

We use it here for breast cancer awareness - it's began with that Susan Komen foundation, I think. Hope you are OK - it's good to see you today.

Louvregirl said...

The pink group has me thinking!

sage said...

I sit here watching the last of the leaves fall from my maples (the oaks will hang on till after the city stops picking up leaves and the snow comes)!

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ Another subject but I just got a comment on my blog that I deleted. It was a whole long speel about 'hating American women' with a long number for the name of the person; ever had such a comment? It was nagging and inappropriate.

Fireblossom said...

Go, squirrel, go.

Cloudia said...

thanks for sharing a great day and great shot!!!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Lynn said...

lg -

It was lovely to see them. I admire that walk so much having lost two dear friends to breast cancer.

Sage -

Yes - you all are well ahead of the curve on leaf change time. :)

lg -

I haven't had him come to my blog, but I've seen him on others in comments. Not sure what that's about, but just deleting is the ticket, I think.

FB -

I know. :)

Cloudia -

Thank you for coming by!