Monday, October 31, 2011

Wishin' and hopin', blueberry treats and sparkle

- It's Halloween and I remember just how much I loved Trick or Treating when I was a kid, so I hope I have some Trick or Treaters this year! My plastic pumpkin is filled with candy I wouldn't want, ie. nothing chocolate, and I will leave the lights blazing in hope. :)*

- My 1 3/4 year-old great-niece is staying with her grandparents this week and will be trick-or-treating tonight for her favorite thing: blueberries (her mom doesn't want her to have candy yet.)

- A man and woman who live at my mom's assisted living facility are engaged. The woman's eyes sparkle when telling someone that "the big day" is in two weeks.

* Update, Tuesday, November 1 - I had 10 trick or treaters! So cute and smiling and all wearing homemade outfits. :) My favorite: my neighbor Elijah dressed as a ninja and his friend, who was EcoGirl. She was wearing a long green robe with a big yellow flower on her shoulder and a green crown.


Granny Annie said...

We went trick-or-treating in a land before fear. Our parents turned us out to roam the neighborhood and go from house to house gathering up treats like homemade caramel apples and popcorn balls. Older siblings watched the younger ones and the parents waited at home, kid free, and relaxed for a couple of hours.

Does this mean your great-niece has not even tasted candy yet?

I'm happy when any age couple finds a mate. So many of my years were spent as a single person that I almost forgot the value of companionship.

Leonora said...

Blueberries as a treat= brilliant!
#3 proves that it's never to late to find love : )

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

Same here! My mom always walked around the neighborhood circle with us though. It was a rural neighborhood with no streetlights, so she felt better hovering with the flashlight. And some of the neighbors asked us in for hot chocolate, bobbing for apples, etc.

No - no candy yet. Or TV! But blueberries are a treat for her. My sis and her husband live in an "over 55" community and the neighbors love Mina. They are excited that she will be coming to their doors for blueberries. They are all in cahoots. :)

Leonora -

She shouts out "blue!" whenever blueberries are presented to her. And blue is her favorite color because of it - she loves blue blocks and blue Leggos.

Mom's Assisted Living Facility has been a little abuzz over this news, but I am delighted by these two octogenarians finding love.

Jannie Funster said...

Ahhh, love blooms at any age nice to see. Octogenarians, yesss!!

Hope you get some trick-or-treaters!!

Good parents to bring on the blue for their kiddo.


LL Cool Joe said...

How cute about the couple getting married soon! Nice to hear that romance and love can be found again later on in ones life!

Fireblossom said...

Aw, that's great. Just goes to show that love can come at any age!

happygirl said...

I love the story of love in the assisted living home. Love is the BEST thing and new love is so much FUN. And, no chocolate, you are a brave woman. I'm thinking there will be TP in your trees. :)

Lynn said...

Jannie -

I like that, too. :) Hope you have a fun Halloween, Jannie Muffin!


Joe -

Isn't that lovely?

FB -

I know - it's great.

happygirl -

But I have Skittles and Starbursts - won't they like that? Hopefully no TPing. :)

Sara said...


This may be a duplicate comment. I had Google issues:~)

My favorite part of this 3 was the one about the engaged couple. I loved your line, "the woman's eyes sparkle when telling someone that 'the big day' is in two weeks. This is such a confirmation of life. Thanks for sharing it.

BTW in my comment...the lost one...I also thanked you for your kind words about the loss of my dog. thank you again:~)

Lynn said...

Sara -

I saw them a little later holding hands as they were leaving the building. They both look so happy - I'm delighted for them.

And I really felt your grief when you wrote about your dog. It takes a long time to get through something like that.

I hope you are well today. (((HUG)))

G. B. Miller said...

Alas, due to the monster snowstorm this past Saturday, our town has strongly advised against having the kiddies go out trick-or-treating tonight.

Ileana said...

Trick or treating for blueberries, huh? Wonder if she'll find any. :)

Last year we only got three kids at the door. Hoping for more this year...if the rain stops.

How adorable that a couple found love at your mom's ALF. I need to get more love in the air at mine! lol

sage said...

waiting here for any trick-or-treat stragglers... we've only had four knocks (6 kids) this evening, but that's about normal, down the road a ways, where the houses are close together, they get 100s of kids

Shionge said...

I love blueberries too especially with yogurt :)

Wishing them happy matrimony and that the sparkles live on and on and on :)

Riot Kitty said...

We always get candy to hand out that we won't want to eat ourselves :)

Lynn said...

G -

Ah - that's too bad for the little ones. Hopefully their parents did something special for them at home.

Scarlet -

I heard yesterday that they were having a hard time finding blueberries, so were switching to M&Ms. :)

Sage -

I ended up with about 10 kids coming by. I loved that they all had on homemade costumes - very creative.

Shionge -

I love that, too, with a little granola thrown in.

I hope the sparkle continues, too. :)

Riot Kitty -

I'm taking the rest to work today. :)

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ Did you have allot of kids?
(Trick or Treat!!)

Louvregirl said...


Lynn said...

lg -

Boo to you, too! I just posted an update. I had 10 kids that came by - I loved giving candy to them. And I insisted the moms take some, too. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Glad you got some Trick or Treaters to sweeten up! I love seeing the Little Ones. I have frozen blueberries- good substitute!
I handed out BBM's kids candy several days in advance, knowing I'd miss it. At least the storm didn't cancel everything here- alot of places had to!

Must be great to find Love at a retirement community. I Wish the happy couple much luck-

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Me too. :)