Friday, January 13, 2012

Beautiful and delicate, reading and it's all good

- Spotting a recipe for this Tomato-Cheddar Strata with Broccoli in the February 2012 issue of Country Living (left behind at the hospital* last weekend by my sister.)  I made it yesterday (halving it since it was for one.)  After describing it to friend Kim on an email, she said that it sounded "beautiful and delicate" and that fits perfectly.

- Standing in the coffee shop waiting and spotting a man reading a book at a cafe table on the other side of the window.  I am always interested in what other people are reading, and move a little closer to see.  "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck.  Good choice.

- Calling the department of motor vehicles in my county to inquire about my annual tag fee going up instead of down, as it usually does.  She explains.  I sigh and proclaim my sadness with a little drama.  She chuckles and is appropriately sympathetic.  Neither of us ruins the other's day.  It's all good. 

I hope you have nothing but good things happen to you this weekend, my friends!  Happy Friday!

* My mom is doing much better and was moved to a rehabilitation hospital yesterday.  Thank you for all your prayers.


happygirl said...

I love calling the brunch dish Strata. It makes it sound so much more elegant than egg casserole. Darn my mid-west upbringing. :) I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend, too. All the best to your mom.

Snaggle Tooth said...

mmmm looks yummy! I've been eating too much cheeze lately. I haven't tried Syienbeck since High school- Bet I'd think of it differently now. Ours is $50 for 2 years now, n if you default on Insurance payments they revoke it- My lovely state. I hope your Friday is lucky, n your week-end fun.

Granny Annie said...

I am always looking for recipes that call for lots of eggs. Of course I love broccoli and cheese so you definitely have tugged my appetite strings with this one.

Like Snaggle Tooth, I haven't read Steinbeck in years. Perhaps it's time.

So, why did your tag increase in the renewal cost? Is it something we all have to look forward to?

Lynn said...

happygirl -

We tend to say "casserole" more often in the south, too. I liked making this because I could use the Herbs de Provence that has been languishing in my pantry.

I added an update for mom after I posted this morning. Thank you for your good wishes for her.

Snaggle -

$50 for two years? That sounds wonderful! My total comes to $189.76 for a 2005 Toyota Camry for one year. Something about the mileage rate going up is the reason it went up. It was $182 last year. In Georgia, the vehicle registration fee includes the 2012 ad valorem tax, the tag fee, a mailing fee of $1 (it's $4.95 if you pay online). We also have to get an emission inspection for $25 that you send in proof of when you mail in the check.

Sorry - I vented again. Digging in my purse for the Pepcid AC.

I do plan a fun weekend - thanks, Snaggle.

Granny Annie -

I had it for breakfast after I posted - I do believe it was tastier this morning.

See above for the vent over the tag. :)

And I think it's time I read Steinbeck again, too.

Louvregirl said...

Oh my word, Lynn. That photo is making me hungry!

TALON said...

I love when I see people reading classic books. That's awesome! Your strata looks scrumptious, Lynn! Fabulous news about your Mom...I'll continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Jannie Funster said...

So glad your mom is doing better!

Everything's going up price-wise, it seems. Oh, but gas is down a little, so that's a nice surprise. Would like to have the tag fee in Snaggle's state. Yours is riduculously high, gee.

A great looking strata indeed.

Sounds like lunchtime to me! :)


Fireblossom said...

Oh, the food you feature on your blog! It always looks/sounds TDF.

FilipBlog said...

It certainly looks good.


BragonDorn said...

I need a recipe :)

Lynn said...

lg -

I hope you got something to eat!

Talon -

Thank you!

Jannie -

Gasoline has gone up here. What's that about? I'm thinking Georgia is an expensive state!


FB -

It was too pretty not to photograph. I had it sitting on a cooling rack and cropped out some of that.

Filip -

Thank you -

BragonDorn -

You can click on the link for the recipe.

Elephant's Child said...

I am really happy that your mother is doing better.

The egg dish looks very similar to one I call frittata. And it is lovely. Hot or cold.

Steinbeck? Lots of years ago. I agree probably time for a reread.

And our motor vehicle registration is giving $700 a good nudge. From not very far behind. For a year.

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

Oh my goodness! $700. That is a lot of money, O Best Beloved. (Couldn't resist.) I'll stop complaining now. :)

G. B. Miller said...

Being a state employee, I try to explain the shenanigans that my employer does in the most sympathetic of tones. Glad to hear that she left a lasting impression on you.

And glad to hear the good news about your mom.

Chatty Crone said...

What is the recipe - that looks great. sandie

Maude Lynn said...

I can never resist peeking at what other people are reading!

So glad to hear that your mom is doing better.

Riot Kitty said...

I am really glad your mom is improving. That's weird about the tag fee. In my state, it's a flat fee, which I think is very fair. When I lived in CA, I was paying through the nose for a relatively inexpensive car.

East of Eden is my favorite Steinbeck book.

LL Cool Joe said...

That does look good!

I'm so glad your mom is doing better. I have been thinking about her.

I hope you have a wonderful Weekend Lynn. :)

sage said...

That looks good, can I stop by for leftovers?

Full-On-Forward said...

Awesome Lynn! Praying for an ever speedy recovery!


Sr Crystal Mary said...

Oh Yummy.. I have to make that!! And broccoli is so good for you. x

Leonora said...

Thank you for the tomato strata recipe. My kind of food!!
The history of "the south" has been an interesting journey for me. From seeing my first cotton fields in Alabama to plantations in Charleston, civil rights landmarks in Montgomery, and visiting Monticello in Virginia. I never would have had these wonderful opportunities had we not moved here.
As you say, it us rich indeed!

Lynn said...

G -

I learned a long time ago not to take things out on employees who have nothing to do with decision making. I got kind of a kick out of how nice and sympathetic she was about my plight.

Sandie -

You just click on the link in the blog post and there it will be.

Mama Zen -

Me either. And thank you.

Riot Kitty -

It's also weird how it varies from state to state.

I am going to have to read that book again - it's been a long time.

Joe -

I did have a good weekend and hope you did, too. And thank you for your concern about my mom.

Lynn said...

Sage -

Anytime! :)

John -

Thank you!

Crystal Mary -

Let me know if you make it - I hope you like it. It was even better left over. Thanks for stopping by!

Leonora -

I'm glad you have embraced the south - I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else.