Friday, February 17, 2012

Vampire Diaries, fun at work and Elena's Invitation

- A call came in to the printing company one day last December; the operations manager routed it to me because she knew I would think it was cool.  :)  It was the production company for the show "The Vampire Diaries" and they needed a printed prop invitation, a fancy one, as befits a prominent family of vampires who are throwing a ball.  I blogged about it as a teaser here.

- This was a fast moving project - completed in one week to fit their production schedule.  It was fun going over to the production office, which was right next to the sound stage, in a very industrial part of town.  I had heard of the show, but didn't know it was filmed in Atlanta.  Our receptionist, Tammy, loves the show and was "insanely jealous" that I got to see the sets, etc.  So I asked if I could take her with me on one visit.  She loved it and looked around with eyes sparkling.  The artist handling the invitation asked if we would like a tour of the high school set.  Yes, we would - and off we went to see the "school" hallway with lockers, along with classrooms and the gymnasium.

- That was the most fun project I have ever done for work.  The invitation was printed on Strathmore Pastelle Felt Natural Cover with deckle edge and included gold foil stamping.  It aired on Thursday, February 9 and I found it on You Tube.  If you would like to see the invitation on film, it's about 56 seconds in, after the doorbell rings. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of fun and rest!  I'm looking forward to some rest. 


Leonora said...

That is WAY cool! I don't know anything about the program, but the invitation,prop design, seeing it used in the video clip-that is so cool!

Granny Annie said...
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Granny Annie said...

Okay, I am bad. I posted my first comment before I finished reading the entire post. Revised comment follows:
And so you've kept us hanging since December 14th? This is pretty cool. My son's print shop sees some interesting projects but I'm not sure they have had a request to equal this. I don't know about the show. It must have been like seeing your child appear on stage to have that invitation make it's debut. How fun was that?

Lynn said...

Leonora -

Thank you - I enjoyed that very much. They were very specific about wanting a very elegant look. Interesting because you really just get a flash of the invitation onscreen. They showed it one other time a few minutes later in the show when another young lady received her invitation along with a box containing a ballgown.

Granny Annie -

It was a lot of fun. There was one day when I was there three times - a 50 mile round trip each time. The reception guy told me I missed the actors by 15 minutes at the second trip that day - they came over to the offices for a script read through.

I couldn't post more specifically about it until the show aired last week. And I wasn't exactly sure when it would air, but their staff artist, who designed the invitation, emailed to tell me the episode would air on February 9.

happygirl said...

So much FUN. I get star struck so easily. If I'd been a fan, I'd want to go, then I'd be struck dumb the entire time. I'm glad to see a sample of your work. I've never seen this show. Interesting.

Jannie Funster said...

Well, how 'bout that! You never know what production magic is going on right in your own back yard. Wow, and a tour. How awesome you invited your friend!

I've heard of (and own) cotton and linen papers. Felt must feel so good.

You have a wonderful rest, my dear. Stay in your jammies, watch dvds and eat popcorn all weekend! :)


sage said...

I'm glad you got to take your receptionist along. I'm not into Vampires, but just in case I might have taken along a batch of garlic ;)

Full-On-Forward said...

Lynne! I'm so proud to see your awesome work! WTG!!!!

Now--"May I come in......." LOL


TALON said...

So neat! It's amazing the amount of attention and detail they put into these props - incredible!

How cool!

Have a lovely weekend, Lynn!

Lynn said...

happygirl -

Now that I went over there, I was compelled to watch some of it. So I got the first couple of DVDs from Season 1. It's a good show.

They use the side of the production offices for the outside of the high school set, picnic tables, etc. and Tammy recognized it right away.

And one of my friends has been an extra on the show lately - I just found out. All done up in Victorian garb for a flashback scene. I can't wait to see if I spot her.

Jannie -

I quite like paper. It's fun to to to paper shows, but then I'm a paper geek. :)

Thank you - I am going to veg a little this weekend. Maybe put something in the crockpot so the house will smell good.

Sage -

She had to stay with me for the less interesting client call after that, but she didn't seem to mind. It was good to have a chance to chat with her and find out more about her life.

John -

Yes - you know it, don't you? Vampires have to have an invitation to come in to your house.

Talon -

It was cool. Thank you and I hope you have a great weekend, too.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh wow. What a treat. Thank you for showing us this. Have a wonderful, restful, restorative weekend.

Riot Kitty said...

I love print terminology. I still giggle over PMS blue.

Maude Lynn said...

That is so cool!

Snaggle Tooth said...

After reading that invitation I feel like I was invited to a big party! I've never seen that show either- So cool you could take a fan-friend along to the studio. Congrats on the airing of your print project! I remember the tease-

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it.

Yes - this is my day to find some rest and restoration.

Riot Kitty -

Yes - someone didn't think that through then then labeled the Pantone Matching System as PMS. :)

Mama Zen -

Thank you. :)

Snaggle -

I'm glad you feel that way after seeing it. It was so fun to do that. Hope you are having a good morning.

Joanne said...

Whoa! Very cool!

Fireblossom said...

Oh wow! Lynn's gone Hollywood! So cool!

Lynn said...

Joanne -

Thank you.

FB -

Yes - Hollywood came calling. :)

Betty Manousos said...

that is so cool!

i love it!!
i love print terminology as well.

Lynn said...

Betty -

It's kind of sad that printing is becoming a dying art. I still love the way freshly printed material smells.