Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pretty wildflowers, Pansies and Peering

- Pretty wildflowers on the banks of the Hiawassee River in Hayesville, North Carolina.  I'll see you soon, river!

- A late afternoon view of the pansies my neighbor planted last fall. They withstood winter weather and multiple frosts and bounced back every time, cheerfully presenting their colorful faces to passersby. She will be putting out spring flowers soon and I will miss these guys.

- Friend and printing client Lisa B. spotted this little bandit on two of her walks through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. A good home for him, I think - away from trash cans. :)

Day 16 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, featuring the letter "P".  Three things that gave me pleasure.  Cheers y'all!


LL Cool Joe said...

The pansies do look great. Does she have to remove them to add the Spring flowers or do they just die?

Elephant's Child said...

All of your Ps are just a joy. Thank you.

Bethe77 said...

I like all your P's and think I would love to come and relax in your back yard of beauty.

Lynn said...

Joe -

She removes the pansies and puts in spring plants. Pansies certainly are hardy!

The Elephant's Child -

Thank you!

Elizabeth -

That would be lovely!

Granny Annie said...

Our area is delightfully blooming with Pretty wildflowers. It is sad to see pansies go. I could live surrounded by nothing but pansies because they each have a face like friends. The peering fellow will not be in that tree at night. He'll leave and be prowling my trash and my chicken house!

Joanne said...

The pansies are so pretty! And I have to say...that raccoon looks majorly cute.

Pearl said...

Oh, how fabulous! Never been to that part of the U.S., and how pretty!!


Pearl said...

Oh, how fabulous! Never been to that part of the U.S., and how pretty!!


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Louvregirl said...

Love love pansies...cute pic of the raccoon, peering, as well! It is raining BUCKETS here.

Jannie Funster said...

Ahhh, that little bandit is so cute!

Pansies are my favorite flower, well one of my faves.

Lovely share, Lynn.


Full-On-Forward said...

Oh Lynn-- HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!

Hiya Rocky! The flowers make me smile big time!


Donna B. McNicol said...

Great photos!! Love it...

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. great post .. love the wild flowers and that walk sounds wonderful by the river; then pansies - they're always so pretty ... and is it a possum peering?

Great to see - cheers Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

oh oh raccoon! Might remember for next time! Cheers Hilary

Ileana said...

Fun and beautiful nature shots. I love the raccoon!! That's what it is, right?

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

Faces like friends - I love that description of pansies! My grandmother used to have the most glorious blooming yard and she would put rings of pansies around trees.

lol! I can just imagine that little bandit hopping a train to Oklahoma!

Joanne -

I loved that photo, too. :)

Pearl -

You should come visit!

secondhand bicycles -

God Bless!

lg -

It's rained all day here, too. Not buckets though. I missed my afternoon walk because of low hanging clouds, but it turns out I could have gone.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Lovely like my Jannie!


John -

Thank you and it's good to see you!

Donna -

Thank you!

Hilary -

Those flowers are in the neighbor's yard in North Carolina where my sister's vacation home is. I love it there by the river and the neighbor is a master gardener - I like how she mixes planted flowers with the wildflowers.

Scarlet -

Yes - a raccoon. :)

Chatty Crone said...

You know what is really great about living here in Georgia - Pansies grow all year round. P is for perfect! sandie

Snaggle Tooth said...

Thanks for all the pretty flowers n cutie racoon in the tree hollow-
I wish my cam got good flower close-ups- Maybe I'll get some pics I took posted- the few beginning out there.
Those red flowers are neat I think too!

Riot Kitty said...

Congrats on blogging so many letters and doing it so well! That raccoon is adorable. Earl Grey is about the size of a small raccoon, I think.

Lynn said...

Sandie -

Ahh - another great P word - perfect.

Snaggle -

I was delighted with this pic when I took it - I had only recently discovered my macro setting.

Riot Kitty -

Thank you and I think he's a cutie, too.

Betty Manousos said...

i'm a big fan of wildflowers. those look beautiful!
i love your photos of the pansies, too.
absolutely loved seeing that cute raccoon!

big hugs!

Lynn said...

Betty -

Big hugs to you. :)