Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving on, at the junction and continuity

- Our family home, on the market for more than two years, has been sold.  It is a bittersweet feeling, but a lovely young family will be moving in next month.  My sister and I are converging upon the house on Saturday to clear out the final things remaining there.  I'm looking forward to meeting the new family at the closing and will tell them where dad had his vegetable garden out back and that mom planted this azalea in that corner of the front soon after they moved their young family in, so there would be color there every spring.

 - The house is in a neighborhood just outside the city limits of Milledgeville, Georgia.  The Union army camped on the property during the Civil War during its march to the sea - probably thought to be a good spot because a creek runs through it (and right behind our house.)  My mother would never let us go near that creek when we were children, fearing snakes (and rightly so.)  :)  We saw them around throughout the years. 

- Even though the home will be gone, we remain a close family.  Mom and Dad's second great grandchild is due, appropriately enough, on Labor Day weekend.  We three sisters talk about our late parents, without fail, every time we are together or speak on the phone.  And so lovely that when Lisa redesigned my blog, she included this flower at the top - it's from a geranium that mom tended at their home before they moved to assisted living.  It's now at my home and I think of her every time I see it.

A bit of a sentimental post this morning - thank you for indulging me.  I can't wait to see sister and brother-in-law tomorrow - I haven't seen them since May.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend - full of hugs, love and laughter.  


G. B. Miller said...

A lovely if slightly bittersweet post about your mom and dad's house.

May the young family that is moving in experience similar memories and good times that you did while growing up.

happygirl said...

Selling the family home is never an easy thing to do. The walls are saturated with memories. I'm glad you are close to your sibs and are able to get together and reminisce. Have a wonderful weekend with family. :)

Leonora said...

I'll be thinking of you this weekend as you tend this last chapter (and new beginning!)of your family home. It should please you parents to know that their home held so many good memories for their children. The close relationship you all have is a wonderful testimony to your parents' love.

Jannie Funster said...

That IS the same geranium! And lovely. Lisa is great with photoshop.

My heart is with you this weekend as you pass the home on to another family. Did your folks build or buy the home?


Granny Annie said...

Because my father was a pastor we grew up in multiple parsonages so really didn't get too nostalgic about any one residence. However both sets of grandparents lived in their same houses and towns and I considered those my family homes. My parents finally settled in one house in their retirement years and it became home to us because it was the only house our children ever knew for them. There was a huge rock in front of their house and all their grandchildren had their pictures taken there on every visit through the years. When my parents moved to assisted living everyone took hammer and chisel and carved out "a piece of the rock".

That geranium is a blessing in your life to tend as you remember your mother tending to you.

Lynn said...

G -

I had nothing at all planned for my post when I sat down at the computer at 4:45am this morning - and didn't have any new photos either. And so, it was remembering the trip to clear out the rest of the house tomorrow that inspired my post. Yes - bittersweet and probably the last time I'll be inside the house.

happygirl -

Thank you. I always marvel at the quietness when I'm inside the house now. There was always so much activity before and the TV or music was always on.

Leonora -

Thank you - it does please them, I'm sure. (They have passed away - my dad in December 2009 and my mom in February of this year. I do believe they are together now - they were such sweethearts.)

Dad always said he was so glad we are close. I tell both sisters how much they mean to me all the time.

Jannie -

Lisa did do such a great job. And thank you, my friend. My folks built the house - we moved in when I was 4 years old.

Granny Annie -

Thank you - I miss her so much. I've kept that geranium alive now for three years.

That's a lovely story about the rock!

Riot Kitty said...

I think it's sweet that a young family is moving in to create new memories.

Lovely flower picture, too. The color is amazing.

Have a wonderful visit this weekend.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah that's tough, thinking of someone new living in your parents home. They sound like a nice family though which is good and the house isn't being knocked down to make way for a block of apartments or something awful like that.

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am thrilled you sold your house. I know it has to be hard to give it up. I am glad you have sisters to talk too. And that flower - beautiful - and you put it on your blog to remind you every day. You are sweet. sandie

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

I'm glad, too - the little girl loves the pass through from the kitchen to the den and plans to play cafe and was already negotiating with her mom which bedroom she was going to get.

Joe -

Thank you - this will be my last day at the house. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it.

Sandie -

Geraniums are tricky to keep alive in the winter. Part of this one died last winter - but one side of it came back, so I added more red geraniums this summer.

You are sweet, too!

Sarah Knight said...

You'll always have the memories, even if someone else is in the house. Laughter and facial expressions and hugs and tears and all that matter more than where the table was in the kitchen :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

"Sentimental" is GOOD! This was a very sweet post and lovely to see the Azalia that your Mom that beautiful red flower. These are lovely though bittersweet memories---and how wonderful that you and your sisters are so close. Life goes on, doesn't it? But those memories that bring us comfort and warmth are ever present.

Elephant's Child said...

Positive sentiments like this post never go astray. My parent's home was auctioned on a very grey winter's day. Despite the very good price, I left feeling something between empty and numb.
Loved your positive vibes and cherished memories. Thank you.

Lisa Campbell said...

You have a lot of beautiful pictures on your blog, but that flower is one of my favorites. I'm glad that it has a special meaning as well--makes it even prettier!

Fireblossom said...

I always stop to read historical markers like that one. I love them.

Snaggle Tooth said...

At least you had a long time to say good-bye to the old place. My parents house went fast. I miss it n dream about being there alot, prob because I can't go back there again. About time someone got it tho-
Neat civil war story on the marker. Bet you'll miss all the History of your old hometown.
You're taking such good care of your Mom's old geranium. I haven't had good luck with last years- still a stem in a pot.
I've been very sentimental the past few weeks myself.

Lynn said...

Sarah -

Thanks for coming by and yes, we'll have all that. We had a little meltdown when we were walking through turning off lights, etc. So hard to say goodbye.

OldLady of the Hills -

Yes - memories get us through. I think you are going through some of that right now, too, my friend.

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

That must have been hard. Our house didn't go for nearly what it is worth, but at least it's to a family we know will love it.

Lisa -

So awesome that you chose that particular one. A little ESP, I think.

Lynn said...

FB -

I like to stop and read those, too. When I pulled over to take this photo, a state patrolman stopped to see if I was OK. Life in a small town...

Snaggle -

You have been a bit down memory lane - loved your lake photos.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - no wonder the emotion is coming out - but just so positively and I sure hope the new family love the place as your parents obviously did.

So pleased about the geranium - I love them. It's great that you're all so close and will ensure these last few days will be happy with lots of amazing memories. Your parents will be proud of you all ..

I hope all has gone well - Cheers Hilary