Friday, September 28, 2012

Scenes from North Carolina, Florida and Georgia

- So often when I don't have a photo ready, I return to my library and find something soothing like this.  It makes me want to jump in the car and go.  Hiwasee River, Clay County, North Carolina.

- Or this one, on a day when I was in the car with niece Amanda, driving through the plantation where she works.  I love the Spanish moss dripping from the trees.  Razor Lake, Jefferson County, Florida.

- There are miles and miles of cotton fields like this in south Georgia.  I always think of that commercial jingle that called cotton, "the fabric of our lives."  It's my favorite fabric!  Somewhere along State Route 300, aka the Georgia-Florida Parkway.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends!  And I hope you will take time to say a kind word or give a compliment to someone who is not expecting it.  It will make their day.


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you. These are absolutely beautiful photos and will stay in my head and my heart.

Granny Annie said...

Such peaceful and relaxing photographs.

I complimented my son an my blog post today and hope he will see it. I just hope his sister doesn't:)

LL Cool Joe said...

There is always something peaceful about a river or lake.

Have a lovely weekend Lynn. :)

happygirl said...

I want to visit that river, too. It exudes peace. I love me a random act of kindness. I do them whenever the opportunity presents. :)

Maude Lynn said...

That Spanish Moss is so gorgeous!

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

I love that - thank you.

Granny Annie -

Good - I had nothing for this morning, so took a walk through my Picassa library.

I'll see your blog shortly to see that compliment.

Joe -

I think so, too. And you, too!

happygirl -

I'm glad you do that - I think people need it.

Mama Zen -

I never understands how it get there, but I love it, too.

Sparkling Red said...

I have never seen a cotton field, nor Spanish moss. It all seems so exotic to me.

Chatty Crone said...

I have never seen a cotton field to be honest. But I have seen Spanish Moss and wish it would grow up here too. Nice photos.

Riot Kitty said...

That second picture looks like it's right out of a novel.

Snaggle Tooth said...

You do have some wonderful place pictures to dig out. Very peaceful to look at. I can almost hear the babbling water. I tried taking some moss home from Florida once, but it didn't live long here. Pretty stuff.
Cotton will always be my fav too, except the ironing part for blouses. I had to do that for a restaurant job daily for years. But all my home clothes are cotton now. Flannel shirt weather here again- so cozy.

A coworker came back from a 2-week vaca to visit with her Mom. I told her seeing her again was the best part of my day- it was!

Hope your week-end is full of ramdom complimemnts to you also!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. love the photos - and I'd love to visit all those places - they look idyllic.

I can only wear cotton ... it's a nuisance - so I'm delighted to see the cotton fields!

Have a great weekend ... cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Sparkling Red -

I love the moss and cotton has made a big comeback in Georgia the last few years. It's awesome to see it growing.

Sandie -

Just head down I-75 south and you'll see it by the side of the expressway.

Riot Kitty -

I know - I could just see it as the cover of a bodice ripper. :)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I'll bet your coworker glowed when you said that and it's lovely that it was genuinely said.

Hilary -

I always wish I could travel more, but if I just look around me, I'm surrounded by so much loveliness.

sage said...

Beautiful photos as always. I like the Florida photo, cypress and spanish moss reminds me of Eastern NC!

Lynn said...

Sage -

I haven't really been to the North Carolina coast - I've always wanted to visit. This comment inspires me.

Jannie Funster said...

I think of that song too!! The fabric of our lives. Which has a melody not 100% dissimilar to "Gilette,the best a man can get." :)

You sure get around to some gorgeous places in those 3 States. I've not been to the NC coast either. Spent a LOT of time inland tho, not too far from Raleigh.

I thin I'll go tubing on that first river now, see ya when I get back.