Monday, February 10, 2014

Blue sky day, silence and laughter

- Fort Creek Baptist Church in Elbert County, Georgia, on a beautiful blue sky day.  Sisters and I journeyed there last Friday and met up with our dad's first cousin, his son and grandson, whom we had never met. All such nice men - a mini family reunion.  Our Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother donated the land for this church in 1909, in honor of their first daughter, who passed away after living only a few months. 

- A nice lady let us walk through the sanctuary.  A woman is slowly making stained glass windows she is donating; each one in honor of a different family member of hers. 

- The cemetery land was donated, too, but is full of mostly our late family members.  It is a silent, peaceful place, just a short walk to the church.  We had a gravestone made for our dad's brother, who died in infancy.  So this was the main reason for the trip, so we could see it, but we did fit in a fair amount of antiquing along the way.  (Of course.)  :)

- Switching gears!  That bowl was full of chocolate chip cookies at the beginning of the weekend.  My Virginia sister makes the best cookies ever and that's what I wanted for my birthday treat instead of cake.  As you can see, we liked them. 

- We visited a favorite thrift shop of mine on Saturday and my sister bought these crazy boots to wear to a costume party.  She will go as one of the characters in the play / film "Mama Mia."  I have never laughed so hard as when we were contemplating these boots.  :)

That was the prevailing theme of the weekend, lots of laughter.  My throat is a little sore from it.  :)  I needed that.  I hope you had a great weekend, too - I will be catching up with your blogs at lunch hour today.


Mama Zen said...

Those boots are just priceless!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha those boots look like something Nancy Sinatra would have worn back in the day!

Glad you had such a lovely weekend!

Louvregirl said...

Those cookies look outrageously good, Lynn! Had to laugh about those boots as well! How are you?
lg :-)

Louvregirl said...

Is your sister performing in those boots (like Meryl Streep!!) in Mama Mia? :-)

Susan Kane said...

The cookies and shoes would be enough to send me giggling. Now we need a photo of her in the boots.

Elephant's Child said...

Too much laughter is never enough.

Lee said...

What a wonderful time spent with your sisters, Lynn...and to meet with relatives you've not met before. Your visit to the church, the churchyard and the cemetery would've been both emotive and interesting.

It sounds like a good time was had...and that is what life should be all times. :)

Ileana said...

I want those boots!

Riot Kitty said...

That is so cool to meet family you hadn't met before! I dare you to wear the boots. Double dog dare you. :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. those boots are amazing - and can quite see why they ticked the box for your sister and her costume party ...

However the laughter too - that's wonderful to think about ... particularly with your main reason for the visit ...

... to the Church and space - how lovely to have 'family land' for the burials, but also for the recognition ... and somewhere you can meet to remember.

The church with its windows is a special place too ...

I hope that severe weather won't be too bad .. as you know so well about our flooding .. cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

I know. We were laughing so hard when we were looking at them, and then I started begging her to get them, saying "Please!!!!!"

Joe -

These boots are making for walking! Indeed. :)

lg -

I'm good. I weighed this morning - oh my, too many cookies. They were that good.

And yes - she'll come up with some kind of get up like Meryl Streep. :)

Susan -

I know - I'll ask her.

Elephant's Child -

Exactly! And good to see you!

Lynn said...

Lee -

It was delightful - almost overwhelming at the cemetery, as we discussed our grandparents, etc.

Ily -

They were Steve Madden boots. :)

Riot Kitty -

They are size 7 - perfect for my shorty older sis. I have size 9 feet, but would wear them otherwise. :)

Hilary -

It was so wonderful to be standing on family ground. I loved that trip.

Granny Annie said...

My dad had two young siblings who did not live to the age of two so my father was raised an only child. We have little pictures of Forest Lee and Marguerite and often wonder what their lives would have been like.

Birthday cookies instead of a cake. What a wonderful idea! If that bowl was full it was indeed a gold mine of sweet joy.

Looking at those boots makes my feet ache. But the laughter they brought heals the ache. What a wonderful birthday you must have had.

Louvregirl said...

Lynn! Good luck; I think you're going to be getting the same storm that we are!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Those cookies look SCRUMPTIOUS! And The Boots are a Hoot! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your dear sisters....! (Any of those cookies left?? LOL)

Joanne said...

Those boots are AWESOME.

And your weekend spent with family, and going back to your roots, as it were, sounds lovely!

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I know - I wonder what it would have been like to have Uncle James around, too.

I did have a wonderful birthday. There were also pecan bars from Tulelo's bakery in the little town my sis lives in. So good!

lg -

Yes - see post today. :) Stay safe and warm, my friend.

Naomi -

It was wonderful. And no - the cookies are long gone. :) So good.

Joanne -

I'm still laughing over those boots. :)

Louvregirl said...

Still 'want' those cookies! :-) No snow here, yet, Lynn!!!!!

Sara said...

It's nice to have such a close relationship with your sisters. I can't think of a better reason for suffering a sore throat than lots of laughter:~)

Lynn said...

lg -

Hmmm - I'll bet you have some now - just saw Charlotte on the news.

Sara -

I agree - a good reason for a sore throat. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice spot to visit family, n good to keep the lost daughter's memory alive there. Stained glass is quite a skill- I tried some craft kits n it was difficult getting the stain smooth.
Nice to have the old family cemetery n to make that stone. There's a spot way up in Maine like that for my Dad's line. I like visiting my Great Grand's, n Gramps, uncles, n aunts there. Pretty spot with a view of Mt. Katadin. Probably under 10 feet of snow right now tho! No one gets buried until May!
Your B-day is near Joe's right? Happy Belated Cookies!

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