Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In the neighborhood, wishing and hoping and symphonic

- The mainly residential road I first encounter on my morning commute is off a highway with exits.  I frequently hear the morning traffic people on the news telling listeners to take that exit to avoid traffic clogs ahead.  Sigh.  So traffic is just more backed up for the regulars on this route.  But in the crawl toward the intersection I need to cross, I noticed something I've never noticed before:  this family cemetery.  (Click to enlarge photo.)  It has steps leading up to it and looks maintained, with a sign that has the family cemetery name carved into it.  Pretty remarkable for an area surrounded by houses and equally remarkable that I have never noticed it in all these years until now.  It's within walking distance of my home, so I might walk up there this weekend and have a look.  I love old cemeteries and there is even a map to it posted up there.

- When my sister and brother-in-law were here last week, I enlisted him to put some hooks up for me.  My friend Stephen gave me this hummingbird feeder at least 20 years ago, so I finally hung it up on one of the new hooks on the back porch.  No visitors to it yet, but I am excited by the thought. 

- The other hook was for a hanging pot out front.  I potted some things over the weekend and this is part of the result.  This morning when I was watering the outside plants in the early morning darkness, I was treated to a songbird symphony.  Funny how vocal they are in the 5am hour and after the sun comes up, not as much.  It was lovely and felt as if it was just for me.


Granny Annie said...

Look at "traffic clogs". It looks like "traffic dogs" at first glance. the c and l run together.

Hope a late hummingbird scout will find your feeder. I actually saw a scout when we had snow on the ground. Sadly my feeder is broken and I haven't replaced it.

There is no doubt the symphony was for you:)

LL Cool Joe said...

Okay I thought I was bad about getting things done but it took you over 20 years to get the feeder up? Ha, well I really hope it will be worth the wait and the birds will flock towards it now!

Leonora said...

I would definitely check out the graveyard!
I'm always impressed by the lush green that surrounds your building. No wonder you hear a symphony in the morning : )

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

It does look like that. :) And I probably should change out that nectar already. Does "late scout" mean that they are already committed to feeders elsewhere???

And I like to think that is was just for me - I think so.

Joe -

Sometimes if there is work involved in something simple like that, it goes undone. In this case it was needing a tall person to put a hook up and encouragement from my neighbor who enjoys her hummingbirds so much and then the commitment to doing it correctly (you have to change that nectar out about every three to four days - and more often than that if it's really hot.)

Leonora -

I will - I love old cemeteries.

And thank you - it is very lush. I was thinking when I posted that photo that the siding on the building doesn't add much beauty to the photo, but the green lushness around it does come through. I always carefully edit out the air conditioning units and satellite dishes. :)

Joanne said...

I can't wait to see what hummingbirds your feeder will attract!

Louvregirl said...

Yes, it's like a symphony in the early morning hours. Let us know when you get a hummingbird visitor!

Do check out the old cemetery. They are interesting; especially the dates, names and inscriptions on the headstones/markers.

Susan Kane said...

Good moments come when least expected.

Lee said...

The hummingbirds will be humming around the feeder in no time at all. The word will soon get around.

It is very remarkable that a family cemetery is there amongst a residential area. It will be very interesting to learn its history; and I look forward to hearing it. Fascinating.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that there is this Cemetery so hidden away there...I hope you do go up to see it.....And wishing you lots of Hummingbird Visitors!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I used to like cemeteries until i knew so many folks in there...
Those birds are such good company- n very punctual once the summer routine is set up.
Maybe because it's cooler, n not as much people noise to talk to neighbor birds...

Sara said...

Regarding the family cemetery, this happened to me recently. JC was driving and I was the passenger. We went past an area I've driven by countless times, but this time I saw the headstones and realized what it was. Like you, I want to go visit. I really like old cemeteries.

We haven't had any hummingbirds yet and all our winter birds are gone. So, it's the regulars at the food bar:~)

It's amazing how when you tune into the singing of birds, you hear so many more of them. Before I had my feeders, I never noticed much birdsong, but now I do...especially the wrens. For a tiny bird, they have the loudest song!

Love the lush plants you potted. I bet they'll be really nice. Plants are so good for us:~)

Have a great day, Lynn.

Riot Kitty said...

We have all kinds of small, historic cemeteries in the Portland area - literally tucked away. Fascinating stuff.

G. B. Miller said...

Love it when the birds sing early in the morning. Hope you get a good old fashioned symphony soon.

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