Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shop cat, shop dogs and welcome home

- The owner of a shop in the North Carolina mountains estimates that this sleeping kitty has cost her at least $500 so far.  The kitty had wandered up to the shop and had severe injuries from an animal attack.  She was promptly taken care of and is a beloved shop cat now with her own chair to sleep in.  She merely purred a bit when I petted her very lightly.  What a nice life she has now.

- The repair garage up the street is run by a cheerful blonde woman, with two equally cheerful female helpers.  Two shop dogs (a chihuahua and a tiny terrier) were sitting in a man's lap when I came in to inquire about an oil change.  (The man was a customer, too.)  The welcoming look shifted slightly when I gave an Atlanta address, but became friendly again when the two shop dogs clambered into my lap when the man stood to leave.  (In other words - I'm not from around there, but if the dogs like me, I must be OK.)  :)

- My Gerber daisy was blooming and looked as if it was welcoming me home when I got there on Sunday evening.  I had a lovely time with my sisters - it went by too quickly though.  We all texted that we were home later and agreed that it was truly lovely.

There was no internet access while I was gone and I haven't even gotten started with catching up.  But what a delightful catch-up that will be!  See you on your blog soon.  More pics on Friday.


  1. Like you, I was on vacation and now trying to play catch-up. Hope your time was wonderful.

  2. Welcome home, Lynn. I bet you're hoarse from all that talking and laughing! :)

    Cats are wonderful creatures. I'd love to slip into their heads to find out what they really think! I've got my own two worked out pretty well!

    The gerbera is lovely. I love them...and there are some brilliant colours available. The Dutch gerbera variety is outstanding, too.

  3. Your Gerbera Daisy looks like it's peeking around the corner at you : )

  4. No technology sounds like a great break to me! That kitty is so lucky. I love people who take in rescue animals.

  5. Rescued animals and shop kitty/dogs are the best!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  6. I love how animals can bring us together....That sweet cat---a few purrs warms the Heart, and I LOVE that the two dogs let their master know you were more than okay! A Lovely lovely Daisy.....And so nice you had such a good time with your sisters.....

  7. Lucky kitty! The one I spent $$ on died first anyhow- Oh well, it's worth it.
    I always find I say hi to animals before the people! Lots of dog walkers here-
    Few shop pets, except at Petco.
    The daisy was wondering where you were!

  8. Now that cat is living the life of ease.


    And being a Luddite on the weekend is always a good thing. :D

    Father Nature's Corner

  9. Hope you had a super fun vacation!

  10. The shop dogs probably assure the owner that the customer is trustworthy if they will climb into their laps.

  11. I seem to spend my life trying to catch up on my blog reading.

    That cat looks pampered alright, what a lovely life.

  12. In my next life I hope to be reincarnated as a shop cat or dog. It seems to be a good and purposeful existence.