Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunrise in Atlanta, the party continues and marching on

- My friend Jay snapped and shared this photo of the sunrise in the Atlanta suburbs on Wednesday morning.  So beautiful.  And an urban blogger snapped the same sunrise from where he lives in downtown Atlanta.  You can see his photo here.  That same sunrise accompanied me all the way to work from the suburbs to my job in northwest Atlanta.  Lovely how it all comes together sometimes.

 - The party continues at my back porch bird feeder.  Click to enlarge.  I included the floor of the porch so you can see how much seed they spill.  There are always birds hopping about there, too - eating the seed.  I think these are Carolina Wrens - I hope someone builds a nest in that box there.

 - And I am back to workout mode - inspired in part by the purchase of a Fitbit activity tracker that measures the steps I take in a day.  I'm told I should get 10,000 steps each day (I did on Wednesday!)  The badges I get by email applauding my progress are hilarious - yesterday I received this badge for achieving 70 miles so far, with the message:  "Terrific! You've earned the Penguin March badge! With 70 lifetime miles, you just matched the distance of the March of the Penguins—the annual trip emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds. You're doing swimmingly well!"  I've been compared to a penguin!  How about that?

It's Friday!  So happy - it's been a week.  :)  Hope your weekend goes swimmingly well!


Elephant's Child said...

WHAT a sky. Just gorgeous.
I hear you on the seed scattering, and love your badge. Congratulations on the first seventy miles...

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - yes stunning to see the sunrise from various vantage points along your way. Bet the birds are having fun ... and enjoying their feed.

Fun plaudits from your Fitbit activity tracker .. compared to a Penguin - how funny .. cheers Hilary

Granny Annie said...

I use a health tracker also. Mine is boring and called S-Health. It helps me track not only my steps each day (also set at 10,000) but I keep track of my calories taken in the calories burned. Having this fitness buddy has really helped me achieve a 33 pound loss so far. Only 7 more pounds until I qualify for my hip replacement surgery.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely sunrise and wonderful to have so many birds at your feeder

Sparkling Red said...

The purples and blues in the top right-hand corner are eye-popping.

I didn't know that a FitBit would supply you with cute, encouraging badges. That makes me want to get one! (Although I don't really need one to encourage me to walk, seeing as I don't drive.)

Joanne said...

Haha the Fitbit badges are ridiculous...but it is always fun to see what they come up with next!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well penguins are cute, so that's good!

Love the sunrise shots both yours and the more Urban one.

I should get myself a health tracker.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Very rare to get such colors in a sunrise- Lucky you saw it going to work. Unfortunately the seagulls are staking out my bread throws these days, they leave nothing for the little birds I want to feed.

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