Friday, January 22, 2016

Be still my heart!, floral and plaid and back to moving

- Spotted on facebook - recent studies show that dark chocolate might be more effective than codeine for relieving a cough.  Be still my heart!  I have a cough that has lingered, so I am happy to test that study.  Ghirardelli vs. Delsym - a no brainer.  :)

- After 20 years of using the same duvet cover on my bed during winter, I finally splurged and got a new winter comforter.  I try not to celebrate material things too much, but I adore walking into my bedroom and seeing the floral and plaid.  It's called Cape Cod (I guess the plaid suggests that - maybe Snaggle can shed some light on that.)

- I haven't exercised since November (head cold, holidays, lazy, etc.) and started back last Saturday.  A friend challenged me to one of those Fitbit  "Workweek Hustle" challenges.  Thank goodness it is over at midnight tonight!  I'm just competitive enough that I want to win this steps challenge.  Current steps: 48,275. Competitor: 47,230.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Meanwhile - I like to give myself a sticker on my home office calendar when I exercise.  A pretty good week, even if I don't win.  :)

Hope you have a nice weekend, my friends!  I'm behind on blog visits - it's all that exercising (excuse), but will be by today or tomorrow. 


LL Cool Joe said...

I only wish I liked dark chocolate, but it's too bitter for me.

A small celebration of material things is acceptable especially if they bring you joy which your new comforter obviously does. May it bring you many nights of blissful sleep.

sage said...

I think dark chocolate can cure a lot of ills :) Have a good weekend!

Lee said...

Are you sure that's not a pretend cough? 'fess up! I'll keep your secret as long as I can share the chocolate with you! Deal?

I love dark chocolate, but I won't be greedy...I'll bring some with me so when we finish yours, we have back-up supplies!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - I do try and stay away from chocolate ... so doubt I'll have the cure available when I get a cough .. I'm ending a cold - but that doesn't count! The duvet cover looks a delight - no wonder you're chuffed with the purchase ... that's good - cheers Hilary

desk49 said...

let me see
chocolate for a cough
floral and plaid
exercise, a workout
a step challenge thing
?? I'll just stay
with the chocolate.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

yes, you have ben busy, so no "excuses" are necessary: a new duvet cover, chocolate to relieve a cough, exercising...all make for a full schedule and good enough "reasons" to slack off on blog visit.

Crafty Green Poet said...

dark chocolate is good for many things....

Kay G. said...

Ha, ha...I vote for the chocolate too for the cough!
You have reminded me, I need to do a post about plaid!
AND I think that is a good idea for the stickers on the calendar. So hard to get out these days, if I did that my calendar would be blank!
Still, I hope to walk about 4 miles today, hopefully! :-)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Dark Chocolate---The Cure For Everything! Eat enough and you won't care if you cough or! Beautiful new Duvet! The Gym, OY!

Sara said...

I love the duvet cover! who would have thought flowers and plaid would look so good together, but they do:`)

I hope you won the contest, but it seems to me just participating in it for the entire time is a victory!

Last, but not least, chocolate is always good for whatever ails you. It might be the cure, but you'll enjoy being sick a lot more (as long as it's not a stomach virus).

It's nice to ready three good things again. It's been awhile.

Ileana said...

Nice cover and thank you for giving me the cure-all to my last five days of coughing!! I just googled the chocolate for cough thing because your link didn't work on my computer. Anyway, hope you are feeling better. We all need to exercise as we get older so hope you find time for a good walk at least. Have a great week!

Sparkling Red said...

Your new comforter looks SO cozy!

I will be sure to continue eating dark chocolate every day, as a preventative measure. I care about my health that much.

Granny Annie said...

I will use any excuse possible to eat dark chocolate. However I am not eager to test the cure for a cough. My brother and my daughter both had this horrible cough that is going around and it took over three weeks to get over it.

My gym membership expired January 5th before I could use it more than twice after Thanksgiving. Yikes!! I am planning to wait until April to renew.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Now that you mention it - I do recall seeing that pattern in hotel rooms n on drapes around Chatham n Falmouth... But don't know the history around it. Must be woven here. Hmmm - May have something to do with The Military History of Cape Cod Canal. Sorry don't have more info yet!
Thanks for the shout out- not getting alot of USA traffic at ESR these days!