Friday, May 11, 2007

A challenging week

- A challenging week. My co-worker Tereza, who was the most bright spot in my work day, has left the firm for a wonderful new position. I brought her some chocolate candy done up in a gift bag, finding that Terri had done exactly the same thing. We know our girl loves candy.

- My Great Aunt Virginia passed away a couple of weeks ago. They waited to have a memorial service until my Uncle Pope's ashes could be brought from Florida. My cousin Sybil wanted to have them interred together at a Veteran's cemetary in Canton. I made the hour drive there yesterday and felt a peaceful moment as seven of us gathered under a pavillion in the foothills of the mountains with a light breeze blowing remembering two lovely people.

- Last night at circle, Susan ended the gathering having each circle member say something positive about the other. Not a challenge at all! It made everyone leave with a smile.

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