Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Growing old together

- Steven gave me a handicapped ramp for Sophie. It props perfectly on the rail that goes around the bed. But (heavy sigh) she refuses to walk up it. It amused me this morning when Steven and I (both childless adults) had a discussion about how to get Sophie to WANT to go up the ramp to the bed. He suggests treats and tuna (both forbidden, of course.)

- So I put my book down last night and got out of the bed to collect my kitty who will not walk up her new ramp. She stood under the bed peering out - not sure if I wanted to lovingly cuddle her or put flea medicine on her. I finally nabbed her, fetched her up onto the bed and she settled down around my feet.

- In the middle of the night a siren awakened me. I figured it to be around 3 AM. Sophie woke up, too. When I turned over, she rearranged herself and licked my hand which had emerged from the covers.

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