Friday, May 11, 2007

Random thoughts

- I love listening to NPR while I work. Usually the music is classical, but right now they are playing a show tune, "My Defenses are Down" from Annie Get Your Gun. Lois Reitzes on NPR says that it is Irving Berlin's birthday. The notion that I could be at the filing cabinet and one of the guys would suddenly burst into song is hugely amusing to me.

- Catching up on taped shows - I was watching Survivor and thinking how silly that guy looked with the immunity necklace on. And then I thought maybe I am silly for watching that. This is probably the last time. (Oh - who am I kidding?)

- Looking forward to seeing my family today in Milledgeville. My father is going to get rid of my dead electronic equipment for me, because I never know what to do with these things in the city.

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