Friday, January 9, 2009

Dreaming of Spring, happy hour and techno music

Photo by Tara Dillard of hydrangea "Penny Mac" in her garden

- Friend Tara has sent an email inviting me to join her "HYDRANGEA 2009 TOUR TO NORTH-WEST FRANCE, DEPARTING U.S.A. 24TH JULY, 2009, 11 DAYS (10 NIGHTS) IN NORMANDY, BRITTANY & LOIRE VALLEY, Optional Paris extension." It is only $3285, airfare not included. I'm thinking that if everyone who reads this blog sent me $1000 I could swing the $285. :)

- Happy hour at the Blue Ribbon Grill with Leisa. We blew off other commitments and should-have-dones in order to have beverages and snacks at a place where the bartender calls you Hon.

- The new morning DJ on student-run WRAS-FM plays pretty much all techno pop, which I do not like, but it does remind me of my beloved nephew Doug. When you are in his car, that is the music you get.


G. B. Miller said...

Techno pop is very much an acquired taste.

I've tried listening to it on many occasions, but the best thing that it does for me, is simply give me decent background noise in order to get my work done.

Lynn said...

Sometimes the repetiveness of the sounds make me crazy and I have to turn it way down.

I took a three hour road trip for work yesterday and listened to Friday afternoon classic rock.