Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peace, Sunny and young GPB fan

- Friend Steven holds an annual Christmas / Holiday card contest every year and this year had five winners. And my card was one of them - a carefully selected hand-made card with one word "Peace" across the front. I agree with Whitney - Peace is my favorite word, too.

- Leaving dinner on the front porch for friends attached to the hospital right now, I ring the doorbell so their dog Sunny will have some exercise. And indeed, she runs up and down inside the house barking like a maniac. (Mom was coming along soon to let her outside.)

- Stopping by the package store for a bottle of Kahlua to put in brownies I am making today, the man behind the counter points to my Georgia Public Broadcasting t-shirt and asks if I work there. He explains that his daughter watches all the time - she is three-years-old and loves Dora the Explorer.

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