Friday, January 2, 2009

No kiss, good eating and yum

- Calling my parents to give them good wishes for 2009, only to find my mother is feverish with a germy cold. They laugh and say they stayed up until midnight to see the new year in, shook hands and went to bed.

- Making healthy Hoppin' John (turkey sausage instead of pork) - it is so delicious that I vow to make it all year long.

- But hearing from a neighbor that The German Bakery I used to frequent is still open. (My response, "Uh oh.") I went there about five years ago and it looked closed for good. Apparently that was only temporary. So I don't start my diet until Monday...hmmm...


Jannie Funster said...

and shook hands! lol.

Lynn said...

I know - they were cute telling about it.