Monday, October 12, 2009

Cotton fields, Seminole country and Pebble Hill

- Driving to south Georgia and north Florida for the weekend through farm country lined with miles and miles of cotton fields.

- The people down there take their football very seriously. A Florida State University fan on the way to the game.

- A breathtakingly beautiful place for a wedding, historic Pebble Hill Plantation; a place of quiet beauty. The ceremony took place beneath this Live Oak tree dripping with Spanish moss. A lovely day.


Lance said...

Hi Lynn,
I love that big tree - so awesome to look at, and creates so much for the Plantation...

Lynn said...

Lance -

That is an awesome place. We took a tour of the house several years ago - it was shown on "America's Castles" at some point after that.

Cookie said...

Beautiful! and I'm very jealous of that warm weather!

TALON said...

I've never seen cotton in it's natural state so I love that photo!

The football fans sound a lot like Canadian hockey fans - a wee bit rabid! lol~

That tree is stunning and a totally romantic spot for a wedding.

Lynn said...

Cookie -

It was in the 90s on Saturday. I can't say that we were thrilled to have such a hot day, but it was a wonderful weekend and wedding day.

Talon -

I'm not typically down there this time of year, so it was neat to see so much of it. It was beautiful.

Yes - the DJ kept announcing the scores of the U of Alabama game and the Florida State game during the reception. Great cheers or boos would go up.

I wish I'd gotten to the plantation a little earlier for more photos - a favorite were the signs that said, "Slow Down, I Mean It!"

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, they got married there? Looks amazing. I enjoyed watching the slide show at the top of their site.

I don't remember if I saw that America's Castles episode,I loved that show tho. Just swept away an hour at a time to amazing places, what fun.

Seeing that cotton reminds me of my favorite poem by Canadian Robert Service, "The Cremation Of Sam McGee," which is a hoot of a poem actually. Do you know it?

Blue Bunny said...

i wunder if a bunny cood eets some of those spannish mosses?

Mama Zen said...

That tree is so pretty. What a lovely place for the ceremony!

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Yes - a gorgeous place for a wedding. The dinner and reception dancing was fun, too. Those kids have lots of energy.

That poem is a hoot - I hope I don't dream about it. :)

Blue Bunny -

I'm thinking it would taste bad. Anything gray would taste bad, you think?

Mama Zen -

The Live Oaks are all around there - so pretty.

LL Cool Joe said...

Interesting photo of the cotton fields.

I'm so jealous of the hot weather!! We normally get away to a sunnier climate at ths time of the year for our last dose of sunshine, but we won't be able to because of work commitments.

Lynn said...

Joe -

The grass is always greener, I guess - I get jealous of cooler of climates. :) When I got back to north Georgia yesterday evening, it was about 15 degrees cooler though. I haven't given up my open toed shoes yet.

Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful picture of the tree! We had some beautiful scenery driving here, too.

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

Northern California - that is just a lovely part of the country. And nothing else I've seen looks like that. Sounds like you are having a great time!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Another wedding so soon? I've never seen a fuzzy-in-season cotton field before- it's awesome, thanks!
I do remember the Spanish Moss from trips to FL, neat stuff- but makes trees look kinda messy...

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

That is what is so fun to me about visiting other areas of the country - unique flora.