Thursday, October 1, 2009

Abundance, heavenly scent and the gist

- All the recent rain makes the flowers and plants at home look lushious and abundant in early fall.

- Catching the heavenly scent of a tea olive bush makes me whirl around to look for it. At my visit to Columbia Theological Seminary for a meeting on a perfect afternoon, tea olive bushes line the sidewalk of the parking lot.

- Dropping off materials in the very early morning to a mail house, I listen to employees speak to each other in Spanish while I wait, and smile because I realize I understand the gist of what they are saying. Some memory of intense Spanish lessons from several years ago remain.


Pink Ink said...

Tea olive bush...I have no idea what that looks like. Is it the photo? But it sounds lovely.

I also took Spanish a lifetime ago, and I hope to get more chances to "eavesdrop" on this language for its beautiful cadence.

Pink Ink said...

Hello Jewel! At second glance I see that the urn holds a fern. :-)

Lynn said...

Jewel -

I went back and added a link to the tea olive bush. The article says the fragrance is "powerful and exquisite." A great description. It grows best in Zones 8-10.

I went back to college a few years ago and got a degree in Journalism. The major required a foreign language. I decided to take the 2nd course in the summer, so it was an intense couple of months. And I feel lucky to have gotten out of that one with a B! Spanish is somewhat easy to understand, to me, but I never could speak it really. Other than basic phrases.

Talon said...

I wonder when someone will invent a way to have fragrance come through the computer?

Beautiful fern! Are those begonias? They are so pretty!

I love listening to people speaking foreign languages. I have no talent for speaking them, but I can usually get the gist of what's being said.

Lynn said...

Yes - those are begonias. They spread out so nicely.

I don't know how to describe Tea Olive except it is heavenly. I dislike a gardenia smell, so think of something light and sweet and not as strong as a gardenia.

Languages - my favorite to listen to is French. I have one French client. I always hope he'll kiss my hand. :) Ha! Just kidding and they probably don't really do that. :)

Cookie said...

Wow! When i saw that picture come up, I thought it was from summer or spring until I read that it was recent from fall. And i had never heard of a tea olive bush. Learn soemthing new :)

Riot Kitty said...

Great picture! Sometimes I wish I could tune out languages I understand (English and Spanish) and just be in my own little world. Then again, at the same time, I'm always curious when people are speaking a language I don't.

Lynn said...

Cookie -

It was from last Sunday - around lunchtime. We do not tend to have really fierce winters here - most of the time I can leave plants outside all winter and just bring them in when it gets below 32 degrees.

Riot Kitty -

I wish I could pick up languages easily. I have a friend who is Czech and her language is incredibly difficult - she has taught me a few words and I never get it right. :)

Lance said...

The flowers and plants looks so vibrant!

Lynn said...

Lance -

It's from all that rain. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

That's interesting because my nmother plants begonias and she finds that with the rain they tend to get over blown and go a bit soggy. Not like yours in that lovely photo at all!

Lynn said...

Joe -

And they've had very little attention this year. Thank you - I was so happy for a sunny day that I felt I needed to snap that photo while I could. We've had a string of them this week.

Jannie Funster said...

Okay, I've stolen that for my desktop pic-- thank you very much!

The tea olive looks a bit like plumeria to me.

Gracias, Gracias, gracias!!!


@Talon, fragrance comes through MY computer. :)

Blue said...

i likes a lot the prettie floers. i bets they smells gud.

see yoo lader!


Blue Bunny said...

ahhhh, mush bedder.

i jist lerning teknoologees

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nothing appears quite that lush this 40degreeF time of year here-
Just a gorgeous display you've captured for us! Too bad we can't scratch n sniff puter pics...
I announced to the portuguese folks trying to follow the PuertoRican banter "Cierra La Boca Grande" just yesterday. I never did take spanish- Think that's from Sesame Street-

G said...

It's funny, but since Spanish is so heavily used at my job (since a good percentage of my co-workers are bi-lingual, simply due to the nature of the job), it has become my "white noise".

Example: when I went on vacation last year (last year, holy cow!), I actually missed listening to it because where I drove through (Midwest/Bible Belt), none were to be had.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

De nada, de nada, de nada!!! I am here to serve. :) xo

Blue -

They do smell gud! xo

Blue Bunny -

Your cousin Blue was just here! Oh I see - technical difficulties. :) xo

Thanks Snaggle -

It has gotten very lush looking all of a sudden.

So you told them to close their big mouths? We have a large Hispanic population here in Atlanta - they are mostly from Cuba and Mexico.

G -

Have you picked up any Spanish as a result of it being your background noise?