Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sculpture, mothering and courteous

- This startling sculpture, part of the State of Georgia Art Collection, entitled "Two Swimming Heads." The artist, John Jensen, created this art from a scene at a beach when he was with his family one day. It is currently on display at Georgia Public Broadcasting.

- Hearing a friend and mother of two young men tell how much she is enjoying mothering her motherless daughter-in-law. She always wanted a daughter and now has one, and they are good friends, too.

- Blue lights in the rear view mirror of my car, I know exactly what I have done wrong and admit it to the polite officer who comes around to the window. I did not stop at the stop sign long enough. OK - I rolled through it. But because I was polite and admitted what I had done, he gave me a much lesser ticket. A nice man and nice to know that the Atlanta police department has such a courteous officer in its midst.


LL Cool Joe said...

Only you could be pleased about getting a driving ticket! At least it was a nice officer that gave it to you!

That sculpture made me smile.

Lynn said...

Joe -

Not pleased exactly, but happy to put police officers in a more positive light than they often get. He told me they aren't out there because of people like me. (Who usually are law-abiding. This is my first ticket in about 15 years. But it will only cost $15.)

Cathy said...

wow--so glad you got off the hook, sort of. :)

Talon said...

That sculpture is so life-like it's almost creepy! I wouldn't mind borrowing that for Halloween on Saturday night - lol!

Glad you had a good experience. I don't know about you, but when I get pulled over by the police, I always feel like a little kid again. $15 isn't bad at all.

Cookie said...

That photo made me laugh! What a funny thing to make into a sculpture :)
And yikes! about the driving ticket. good thing it's a cheap one!

Lynn said...

Cathy -

Thank you. I did get off the hook sort of.

Talon -

I do feel like a kid when that happens. And I had no excuse, just trying to get back to the office in a hurry to take care of something.

Hey - that might have been a good Halloween photo for sure!

Lynn said...

Cookie -

It made me laugh after the initial startling sight. :)

Riot Kitty said...

That is a creepy looking sculpture, I have to say. My friend once got pulled over because the cop thought she was drunk, but she was just trying to peel and eat an orange!

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

It is creepy, but I like it! :)

Mama Zen said...

That sculpture is creepy!

Meredith said...

Wow... you got a reduction from APD? Fantastic. My last couple of experiences with them had convinced me they see the world in black & white, with no nuances whatsoever.

For instance, a parking ticket on my car at 5:00 p.m. on the day the sign for our street was installed at 3:00 p.m. We'd always been allowed to park on the street before, and had been doing so for over 3 years. I came out to my car in the evening and was in total shock -- but the city still made me pay $50 for that 2 hours of ignorance.

15 bucks in Atlanta is cheap! You must have done everything right :)

That sculpture is creepy enough for Hallowe'en!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

It is delightfully creepy!

Meredith -

I probably just lucked out this time. Lesson learned. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, what a strange piece to run into! I feel like I entered a bathroom...
It's great to feel an adding onto a family! I have two sons-in-laws who are wonderful people.
With police, honesty n sincerity always help, as long as you're not caught committing a feloney, that is! Lucky you!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

That is so great that you are friends with your son-in-laws. It makes a big difference in families when everyone likes each other.

Jannie Funster said...

Shoot, even a lesser ticket has got to hurt the olde pocket book a bit?

The middle one brought tears to my eyes, we just never know what's in store for us, do we? like, me so sad for so long about not being able to be a mom, and now on the top of the world with our little angel.

And maybe Kelly sad sometimes at being an only child will be able to give her kids the gift of each other.

And all who are sad will be happy.

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie getted a warning frum a polise last sumer cause she had a bad paper on her car. she laffed after she got no tikkets. and went home and fell asleeps and dreemed bad polise was chasing her.