Friday, August 27, 2010

Double rainbow, yum and troubadours

Double Rainbow. Photo by ALM

- My niece is the office manager for a private family-owned plantation in the Florida panhandle. She took this photo on the property, of a double rainbow. Unbeknown to me - "double rainbow" is an expression that can be used, according to Urban Dictionary, as "a term expressing something of pure, unrivaled awesome. Used commonly when awesome or spectacular are simply insufficient." Such as,
"Did you see that double backflip?
Totally Double Rainbow"
...Now I know. :)

- In Atlanta - a meeting with a client near my home stomping grounds leads me to lunch at The Alcove, and a diet-blowing Panini sandwich: Fresh mozzarella w/sun dried tomatoes and pesto on Focaccia bread. I forgive myself and go on. Yum.

- The new assisted living facility my mother lives in has wondrously varied activities. We took home activity schedules, so we could all call her and encourage her to attend things. On the schedule for yesterday - The Troubadours. "So how were The Troubadours?" She chuckled, "Honey, they sang like hillbillies! But I enjoyed it anyway." I asked if she clapped along. She did.

I hope your weekend is totally Double Rainbow!


Fireblossom said...

Double rainbow ohmygaw, double rainbow so intense! *sniffle*

What does it meeeeean??????

(Lynn, if you haven't seen the youtube video and especially the hilarious parody of it, you MUST. I died laughing.)

Lynn said...

Fireblossom -

I'm supposed to be working, but I did just view the youtube video quickly. Wow - that guy is so Double Rainbow over the double rainbow. :) I'll find the parody later at home. Meanwhile - it was pretty cool that she captured that double rainbow behind her office and now I wonder if she knows about that new expression. Probably. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Sounds like a double rainbow sandwich is good for the soul.

Amazing photo!

And amazing Lynn! Have ye a great weekend.


desk49 said...

A double rainbow is quite grand
making two pots of gold for me
But no back flips you’ll see

At the Alcove your diet will have to wait
for the sandwich did sounds yummy
and will go great in my tummy

Now the Troubadours did sang
With a hillbilly ring you say
But your mother was glad anyway

On your last line by the way
Don’t be giving
my pots of gold away

TALON said...

Lovely rainbows! I'm so behind on expressions these days - lol!

For that sandwich? Definitely forgive yourself! Sounds delicious!

I can so see your Mom clapping and smiling away :)

Louvregirl said...

Beautiful photo Lynn!
...Have a great weekend!!! Eat some good food and enjoy!

Mama Zen said...

It's wonderful that you are so actively encouraging your mom to take part in the activities. It can make a huge difference.

Riot Kitty said...

Double Rainbow is also the name of a San Francisco-based ice cream company that makes yummy stuff!

Wendy said...

glad your mom's having a good time so far!

Are you sure about the double rainbow? I don't want to be using it thinking I'm cool and having the teenagers I work with be like, whoa, that lady's totally whack.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Pretty picture! Thanks for bringing my attention to that new vocabulary! Never heard of it!
Those Panini sandwiches are tough to resist alright!
Been awhile since I saw a bluegrass group- Used to love that stuff- Fun is fun- n not too boring, I hope!
Have a good one youself!

Granny Annie said...

I shall forever use that expression from now on. Did not know and love expanding my knowledge. Thanks!

sage said...

another thing I miss from living out west--double rainbows. You see them more often where there is nothing to impede your view of the horizon. The sandwich sounds good, glad I've already eaten. Sounds like your mom is settling in.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Yes - good for the soul!


Ellis -

Your pot of gold is waiting! Thank you for my poem. :)

Talon -

That was a new one on me, too!

lg -

Thank you and hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Mama Zen -

She is social once she gets to know people, but she is feeling a little shy since she is the newest resident.

Riot Kitty -

So someone already latched on to that idea!

Wendy -

It was on the internet, so you never know. :)

Snaggle -

Fun is fun indeed!

Granny Annie -

I'm glad I could contribute to your vocabulary. :)

Sage -

She lives and works in the flatlands of Florida, so one is more likely to see something like that there, I guess.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow awesome double rainbow. Of course the rainbow is even more significant in the gay community. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend Lynn.

Meredith said...

Hope your weekend was a double rainbow, dear Lynn. I saw a double rainbow once, way out west in Arizona (I think) on this stretch of highway through the desert that went on so long without seeing another human being my sis and I wondered if we'd run out of gas before we could find a station. (We ended up coasting in on fumes into the Nevada gas station on the approach to Hoover Dam.) But even with our fuel worries, we made time to stop and photograph that amazing sight, the desert stretching away endlessly, crowned with a double rainbow. :)

Thank you for all your kindness to me lately.

Scarlet Ily said...

Although they lost in OT, the way my son played in today's hockey tournament...totally double rainbow! I get it! :)

Yummm...I could go for that Panini sandwich. I love fresh mozzarella and tomatoes together!

The ALF sounds wonderful. We're looking into adult day cares now as well.

Hope you have a fantastic week, Chica!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, my rainbow was totally double weekend. :D

Okay, I think I got that wrong somehow... :P

Lynn said...

Joe -

I did have a good weekend and hope you did, too.

Meredith -

That is amazing that you managed to get that shot - even during that kind of car trouble! And you're welcome, my friend.

Ily -

You did get it! Yay! Sounds like your weekend was indeed Double Rainbow. :) You have a good weekend, too, Chica!

Tony -

You might just have something there - double weekend. I like the sound of that!