Friday, March 11, 2011

Afternoon tour, the Burns Club and old long since

- On a brisk and windy afternoon, touring the replica of the national poet of Scotland, Robert Burns' birthplace. It was opened to the public for just two days this year as part of "A celebration of living landmarks" series in Atlanta.

- The cottage was built in 1910 by The Burns Club of Atlanta, a "literary and social" club, founded in 1896. It is the only replica of Burns' birthplace in Scotland that exists.

- Friend Lori and I paused to read the inset dedication stone on the outside of the building, a tribute to "the gentle peasant prince."

- There was poetry reading and history sharing by some of its members, as well as the tour. I think the author of "Auld Lang Syne" would have appreciated that people came to pay tribute and have a cookie on this day.

I hope you do something fun this weekend, my friends. Have a lovely one!


Ileana said...

"Gentle Peasant Prince"...I like that! :)

Beautiful photos of the cottage as well. Sounds like a fine tour and a good time.

Happy Friday, my friend!!

Fireblossom said...

Oh you snuck in cookies again! A gal after my own heart.

LL Cool Joe said...

Is it wrong to find the cookies more exciting than the bust?

Now doesn't that sound rude! :D

Have a great weekend!

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ I like the entire inscription on that headstone; especially "the gentle peasant prince." Atlanta is a fascinating place. I love old graves (the older the better.)What do you think "is but a titled thing" means? Do I have that right?
(snow here; no school!)
P.S. I must look up some of his poetry; do you have any to post?

Mama Zen said...

How fun!

Lynn said...

Ily -

I went with a friend who is relatively new to Atlanta and I would have never known about this cottage if she hadn't told me about it.

FB -

I do love a cookie. :)

Joe -

Not at all! And not at all. :)

Lynn said...

lg -

I looked it up and found this about that inscription (it is an ode to Burns, of sorts): "A stone inscription adorned the side of the replica Burns cottage itself. It’s poetry, but not from Burns. Rather, the passage traces back to Civil War colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, an Illinois abolitionist and orator. It is a fitting bit of verse for Burns, a populist poet whose “best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” became a passage for the ages, whose “Auld Lang Syne” is still drunkenly sung by the masses at New Year’s, and whose funeral reportedly drew more than 10,000 mourners."

He was quite the prolific poet. Here's a link to one called "Winter - a Dirge"

I figure some of you can relate to that - with all that snow!

Mama Zen -

It was fun. :)

TALON said...

Looks interesting, Lynn. And cookies always make tours fun :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Riot Kitty said...

I'd go anywhere for a cookie.

desk49 said...

A poet of Scotland
with whom I don't know
his house was rebuilt
so in it you go
To read all the sayings
and a poem or two

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've never heard of the Burns club- but MB's children may be related to him... Sounds like a fun historic tour, n almost looks New England like with that Stone replica corrage! i can't beieve you even have a pic of his bust, with the snack goodies!
Must've been a fun reading with all that ambience-
Have a good Week-end too!

sage said...

There's something about Burn's house (even if it's a replica) in Georgia. On the other hand, next time I'm stuck at my in-laws, I may have to seek it out!

Adrenalynn said...

How lovely!! Gorgeous photos. I love the inscription. Sounds like a wonderful little adventure :)

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, nice replica. I do enjoy the rustic look of that old Scottish stone. How awesome to find something right at home you didn't even know about. I love that about Austin too, so many sites await.

Did Burns have a sweet tooth? Probably, eh?

And yes, I DID do something fun this weekend, and still this whole day to go!


Lynn said...

Talon -

It was interesting and fun. :)

Riot Kitty -

Yeah - me, too.

Ellis -

Thank you for my poem. :)

Snaggle -

I'd have never known about it except for Lori - it was pretty cool to see that. And the day was cold and windy - much like Scotland is much of the time.

Sage -

It's over near Grant Park and the zoo. A great area to explore.

Lynn -

Thank you - it was. :)

Jannie -

Actually the stone came from our own Stone Mountain - near my house. But it is 100 years old, so does have that weathered look.

I'm glad you have had a good weekend.