Friday, March 4, 2011

Dogs at work, Dakota and a kind stranger

- I've blogged about Replacements, Ltd. before - they are a great resource for replacing china, crystal and silver pieces you might want. But I love that they have a "bring your pet to work" policy. This "Carolina Traveler" piece shows what a great place to work this truly must be.

- My mother reporting that a young lady visiting her assisted living facility is named Dakota. What do I think about that name? I reply that I think it's very cool.

- Driving a vivid green Volkswagen Beetle rental car while my car is in the shop. A woman at the gas station comes over to tell me how cute it is. She is just in time because I cannot figure out how to get the gas cap off. She figures it out* and waves a smiling goodbye as she drives away with her husband.

* Push down, then turn. Oh. :)

It's Friday! Happy weekend, my friends!


Granny Annie said...

My Slim would be a very good pet at work but it would be so unfair to her. She has to take a ten acre run every few hours to clear her head:)

It is my understanding that "Cody" is a nickname for people named Dakota. That is strange because Dakota is a cool name,as you said.

Why not just "turn"? That gas cap sounds like a childproof cap.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

Slim's your goat, right? I'm thinking the china shop might not be the best place for her. :)

Thank you for the validation on the confusing gas cap. The woman who helped me just happened to know that pushing down, then twisting, was an option. It showed arrows to the right and I just thought it was on so tightly it was hard to twist. I was just about to leave to return the rental car and would have paid more than $4 per gallon to Enterprise Leasing if I hadn't put replacement gasoline in myself.

desk49 said...

To each their own, not sure I'd like a dog snapping at me from a cart as I walk by. Then the smell and those who can't be around dogs or cats or birds. What next horses and goats or an 8-foot boa constrictor. Or is it just me?

It might be a nickname.

A woman across the street has a green one. She said she loves the car but the MPG is not very good. Still it was kind of the woman to help.

Have a great weekend.

TALON said...

I am smiling over here imagining Charlie in an office - she'd be leaving a true paper trail in her wake (after checking out desktops and such) :) Riley, however, would be a gentleman and very courteous!

I had the same problem with the gas cap on one of our vehicles - took me forever to figure out the push in and turn (they should mark it on there or something)!

Jannie Funster said...

THANK YOU for The Replacements tip. What a great find!

Dakota is an awesome name indeed. Seems so lovely.

Having driven maybe 500 different cars since I've known Jim (no word of lie,) I can certainly relate to trying to figure out gas caps, parking brakes, lights, wipers, etc.

have a joyous weekend.


Sara said...

My ex-husband used to take our dog to work. She had anxiety issues about being alone and was rather destructive. My ex grumbled about it, but eventually grew to love having Domino with him. I wish more places allowed dogs because being around animals is good for your health...well except mountain lions, grizzly bears and a few others:~)

I have known people named Dakota. Isn't it a name of famous child actress? It is a cool name.

It must have been fun driving a bright green VW. I can just see you at the gas station. See someone was looking out for you and made sure that woman was at the gas station:~)

Have a great weekend, Lynn!

sage said...

Replacement Ltd is a neat resource--in a move, some of the China my grandmother gave me broke and I was able to get replacements!

On a couple of occassions, I've rented a PT Cruiser type car--always fun to drive something different!

Maude Lynn said...

When I was a teen, I would have killed for a VW Beetle!

Fireblossom said...

I would kill for one NOW! :-) Seriously, a new VW beetle (a yellow one!) is my one material desire.

Sparkling Red said...

Man, I wish we had a dog to ride around in the file cart at my workplace!

I did once babysit a puppy in my office for a short time but he was VERY distracting.

Riot Kitty said...

I think my cats would be a great addition to work. They already walk over my keyboard at home.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I need the other computer for the film. Dogs travel that better than cats, I'd think.
Dakota would have prompted a "North or South?" question from me-
Are the gas caps hidden too? On my sisters old Bug, all labels instructions were German! TG for kind n knowledgeable folks!

Have a great week-end!

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like the caps on medicine bottles! Push and turn!

I'm not sure I'd cope with pets at work. I'm terrified of dogs, and allergic to cats!

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I think it is required that be able to work around furry creatures if you work there. I'd so do that if I could.

Your neighbor is right - the mpg were not good. I had to take what they had at the rental place, but enjoyed driving that festive car for just one day.

Talon -

Charlie would just think that was a big adventure, I imagine. Both of your dogs would get lots of attention, I'm sure. :)

Yes - I agree - a pushing diagram would have been helpful. All they had was arrows to the right.

Jannie -

You're welcome. I've used them a number of times - the website was initially helpful in identifying my grandmother's silverplate pattern. No one knew the name of it. (Her Majesty.) And then I had dinner guests over one night and a piece of it disappeared. :( (No - it wasn't accidentally put in the garbage, I had taken it out before they arrived so there was very little in there and that was the first place I checked.) So I got a replacement piece at Replacements. Perfect.

Dakota is a beautiful name - I agree. :)


Sara -

How nice that Domino was able to go to work with your husband. I love that other places offer it, too.

Yes - Dakota Fanning.

And someone was looking out for me. Always.

Sage -

It's such a great service for things like the broken china and my missing silver piece. Lovely that they do that.

A PT Cruiser would be fun to drive.

Mama Zen -

My ex-husband and I had an orange one, back in the day. So much fun to drive.

FB -

You should get a yellow Beetle. Why don't you? Next car, you should do that.

Sparkling Red -

Wouldn't that be fun?

Riot Kitty -

I've seen cats in shops and such. The cats I've owned all seem as though they would be happier at home.

Snaggle -

North or South. Ha! I like that.

No the cap wasn't hidden, just hard to figure out.

Joe -

Yes - just like the Advil bottle. :)

Hope your weekend is good, too.

Ileana said...

My dogs wouldn't last a minute at the china shop...they can barely survive the dog park! Too wild!

I think Dakota is a wonderful name. I once knew a German Shepherd named Dakota, and I believe there's a fine young actress by that name.

PS - Why can't all gas caps go on and off the same way?? My car doesn't even have one.

Lynn said...

Ily -

You've switched back to your "I" name. :) Such a pretty one, too.

I know - I don't know why they have to make them all different.