Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Tanyard, off the hook and feast

- Tanyard Branch (a branch of Peachtree Creek) runs underneath this bridge that is on the road I work on (the other end that is mostly industrial.) This is the scenic part of the neighborhood.

- Sitting across from a client discussing her printing and talk meanders to spring. She announces that she is "off the hook" for swimsuit season this year. She is expecting her second baby.

- It was $5 martini night at Feast, a favorite place for dinner. Friend Leisa and I had a Pomegranate martini and shared some Black-eyed Pea Hummus. Yum. The restaurant's website says it has a Southern European influence. I wonder if there are Black-eyed Peas in Europe???


G. B. Miller said...

That scenic view must be something to see once spring and summer fully hits.

Fireblossom said...

I do not appear in bathing suits anymore. Nope.

LL Cool Joe said...

I thought Black Eyed Peas was the name of a pop group? ;)

Nice photo!

desk49 said...

A tree a creek
A road going that way
Most is industrial
But where I stay

In no water will she hop
But a baby she’ll plop
No swimsuit will go round
When the baby’s in town

A martini each
And a bowl of peas
After just one
I’d be lucky to see

TALON said...

Pomegranate martini? Sounds delicious!

Lynn said...

G -

I'll probably take a photo of it and share. :)

FB -

Yeah - me either. I did find my swimsuit for life though, bought when I went to Cancun for a company trip. It's fairly figure flattering, so I'm sticking with it. It's not worn enough to ever wear out.

Joe -

Let's get it started! Woo! :) Yep. I'm thinking they got their name from the legume I refer to though.

Ellis -

I like those last two lines. :) Hee hee. Thank you for my poem!

Talon -

It was delish!

Lance said...

I *love* that view in the peaceful...

Sparkling Red said...

My calendar does not include a swimsuit season. Easy: just don't go swimming! I will make an exception to jump into a hot tub, but only if it's a ladies-only event.

Maude Lynn said...

I'm off the hook for swimsuit season, too. I'm expecting . . . that I'll still be looking like I'm expecting a child!

Blue Bunny said...

as to Joey, I think the Black Eyed Peas played Europe a lot? Or was it the Red Hot chili Peppers? Or the Moldy Peaches? :)

LOL at Mama Z. :)

I might be swimming in a long tee and capris. :)


Riot Kitty said...

It has been years since I've had black-eyed peas - I've never seen them on the West Coast.

Lynn said...

Lance -

Me, too. And it is peaceful. It's good to see you!

Sparkling Red -

The thing about living in the south - it's hard to avoid lake and pool events. Not my favorite thing, but I do have to go to them some. :)

Mama Zen -

No way - you reported your weight and workout success via Jillian Michaels. I remember - I was a little envious.

Jannie -

I think you look great - what are you talking about???


Riot Kitty -

I guess that's more of a regional thing then. We used to mail my sister things like that (especially white cornmeal) when she lived in the upper northwest.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice pic- Good to have a nice area close to work too.
I had a Labor Day baby once, BBM! Summer is tough pregnant- but swimming feels so good to take the weight off your weary body- I hope she swims anyway.
Pomegranate martinis actually sound healthy! Not another one- I've never had Black-eyed Peas either!