Friday, June 29, 2012

Tastes like summer, spirit and gonna be a hot one

- The poet Pablo Neruda in his Ode to the Watermelon, called it a "fruit from the thirst-tree.  It's the green whale of the summer."  I love the cold, crisp feel of it as I snack on it at work.  It tastes like summer!  Even without seeds.

- The spirit behind this sign at a community center for children, "What we CAN do is more important than what we CAN'T do!"  Amen to that!

- Giving all the outside plants a liberal watering this morning since it's supposed to be 103 degrees today in Atlanta.  (What's that about?)  A good afternoon to skip the walk and have a pedicure.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be safe and stay cool!


Granny Annie said...

I feel the need to paint little black dots on those watermelon halves.

Great lesson for children!

Thankfully my guinea fowl and my goats are of African descent and manage well in the heat. I keep freshening all the water but the chickens and cats need it most.

Fireblossom said...

I just watered my plants here, too, cos it is supposed to be 96 today. We don't do 96 up here!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

"the green whale of summer" LOL that's awesome!

Leonora said...

Sprinklers are on in the garden. What a scorcher!
Your watermelon is picture-perfect. You picked a good one there. Have a great weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

Pedicures and watermelon - you are my kind of gal. sandie STAY COOL!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I haven't had any watermelon since B's SpongeBob party. Now I want some, the hot weather now certainly calls dor it! I put up with alot of "can't do that" folks at work. So negative! Cool sign.
Poor little Angel out in that searing heat! The heat has been severe - I hope your ac holds out.
Have a good week-end

Louvregirl said...

It is supposed to be 109 in Charlotte today, Lynn! We are expecting 93 here but from 3-5:00 (our hottest time here) it feels worse. Sitting by the fan.

TALON said...

Yum - that watermelon looks perfect. Bet it tasted amazing.

Enjoy the pedicure and staying out of the heat sounds like a smart plan!

Have a fabulous weekend, Lynn!

Betty Manousos said...

that watermelon makes my mouth water!
a brilliant summer post, my friend!

happy weekend, and stay cool!!

big hugs!

Betty Manousos said...

plus: the watermelon photo is amazingly beautiful!!

Riot Kitty said...

Don't melt! I am surprised that Neruda wrote about fruit in any way that didn't mean sex.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I know, right? I want to do that, too. Watermelon without seeds seems so wrong somehow, but it is easier to eat. I just finished that up. :)

That area of Atlanta has many low income and homeless people and The Agape Center is a great place for children to be treated special.

I was a wilted mess by yesterday afternoon - it was brutal! I'm glad your critters are surviving in the heat OK.

FB -

That's just crazy - 96 in Minnesota.

KarenG -

Thank you - I like that, too.

Leonora -

It's bad everywhere, I think.

I went with the yellow on the bottom - usually a good sign of a good watermelon.

Sandie -

Thank you - just living life and staying cool. :)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I'm glad you like the sign. I remembered I had that pic of the sad angel in the blazing sun and thought it would be a good illustration.

lg -

No AC there? That's got for NC.

Talon -

Thank you - and hope your weekend is good, too.

Betty -

Oh boy - we're in summer with a vengeance! Hope you are doing OK - saw your taking a break post.

Big hugs to you!

Riot Kitty -

Ha! I know - fruit can be very sensual, perhaps that was behind the whole thing. :)

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

what a beautiful melon! I love it when they have no seeds. Definitely something yummy and GOOD!

Mama Zen said...

I wish that I had that watermelon! We've got the 105, too.

Sparkling Red said...

That's the first seedless watermelon I've ever seen. It looks delicious, but kind of weird. Like a tiger without spots.

G. B. Miller said...

I can definitely sympathize with that statue. Been a scorcher here with temps in the hi-90's.

Lynn said...

mare ball -

I need to find another - I finished it off yesterday.

Mama Zen -

I hope this isn't a trend for the whole summer.

Sparkling Red -

lol - exactly.

G -

I'm hoping for some cooling off this week - keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

LL Cool Joe said...

You are all making me feel jealous. Here in the UK it's raining and cold. I'm still in my winter clothes. I'm just hoping the weather improves soon.

Anyway enjoy the sunshine! Hope you had a good weekend Lynn. :)

Lynn said...

Joe -

And you are making me jealous - I want cold and wet! It was 106 degrees in Atlanta yesterday - soul sucking heat. :)

Jannie Funster said...

I hope that little angel is happy! :)

No seeds -- PERFECT! But how do they get regenerated? :)