Monday, June 18, 2012

Watching, the boardwalk and walking friends

- A black and white cat takes a break from watching for the resident scampering chipmunk to peer down at another early morning plant survey.  See him there in the window?

- The feel of a boardwalk during a walk with friends at Lilburn City Park.  We decide it reminds us of being at the beach.  They call this the Camp Creek Greenway Trail.  It's certainly green.

- Laura brings her smiling dog Dorrie to walk with us.  Dorrie scores two dog biscuits from a man on the trail who has a bag full of them, just to treat the four-legged friends he meets on his way.


Granny Annie said...

Cats certainly know how to keep a vigil over all they survey.

Could you tap dance on the boardwalk?

Do people ask before offering treats to other people's animals?

Shionge said...

What a beautiful day to go for a walk :D

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

So true. I looked up and he was giving me a "What are you DOING?" look.

I could probably tap dance if I had the skills for that. :)

This man did ask before dispensing the biscuits. Dorrie spotted the bag before he even got up to us.

Shionge -

It was a beautiful morning.

happygirl said...

Cats and dogs and kind men with treats. This makes your town sound like a friendly place to live. :)

Chatty Crone said...

That man probably doesn't want to get bit - smart. Cute dog. Beautiful area to walk. You must go out every weekend - you must be athletic - am I right? sandie

Lynn said...

happygirl -

It can be. This is a beautiful little village called Lilburn - a suburb of Atlanta. They had a farmers market there on Friday afternoon. I like walking over there.

Sandie -

Actually I walk three miles almost every day, but I wouldn't say I'm athletic in particular. :)

Sparkling Red said...

How lovely! These moments capture the spirit of early summer.

There is a boardwalk on Toronto Island. One part of it has been refitted as a musical instrument - each board you step on plays a particular note, a bit like a xylophone. It's a fun piece of interactive artwork.

TALON said...

Dorrie is a sweetheart! :)

Farida said...

I was scanning the first photo for the cat until I finished your paragraph about it and saw it peeping through the window... cute!

Fireblossom said...

How cute, the snoopy cat! And Dorrie looks so happy!

Snaggle Tooth said...

The window is the best TV for indoor cats, Don't know what Mischief would do without her view of the HuckleBerry Tree with all the birds-
It feels strange to ne to walk a boardwalk. So smooth but loud n sometimes bouncy- Easy n clean tho, sometimes crowded with folks passing, as I discovered on my Mother's Day Charles River walk.
What a lovable dog! So nice of that guy to hand out doggy treats!

Joanne said...

I love a good boardwalk stroll, especially with canine accompaniment!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Dorrie is beautiful. My golden is overweight, so now I see what a golden is supposed to look like! I always have treats, too, and wherever I go, dogs come running at me, like I'm a treat dispenser. Well, I suppose I am! I so love the critters.

Riot Kitty said...

Just goes to show you that being cute is a good way to be spoiled!

My cats love to sit in the window and squawk when they see squirrels. Mr. RK says they think they are lunch on legs.

Lynn said...

Sparkling Red -

For some reason, I never look forward to the summer, but once it's here, I always enjoy myself. The heat down here can be just brutal. (But I hear Canada is hot this week, so I guess we're not by ourselves.)

Talon -

Thank you - you can always tell loving dogs by their smiles, can't you?

Farida -

I loved it when I spotted the cat.

Lynn said...

FB -

Snoopy cat - I like that. :)

Snaggle -

The boardwalk does have kind of a bounce to it. And I my kitty watching for me from the kitchen window.

Joanne -

Me, too!

Lynn said...

Sherry -

Thanks for coming by! And how lovely that you give treats.

Riot Kitty -

I love that chattering noise cats make when they spot other critters. :)

Jannie Funster said...

WOW! Loving your pretty new design here, Lynn! Beautiful.

I bet Dorrie goes for the treats even more than the fun of exercise.

Glad you pointed out the kitty, I would've missed him. So cute! Looks like a great watching place.


Lynn said...

Jannie -

Thank you - I like it, too!

I think Dorrie might like walking with the girls the most. :) But I know that's not true - it's the treats. :)


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. love the boardwalk idea .. and being able to wander around in comfort ... and in the company of Dorrie - while she must know she gets dog biscuits if she's good ..

Fun post - cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Hilary -

I really enjoy my Saturday mornings at home and was reluctant to part with them, but this has been fun to - to walk with Laura, Janice and Dorrie on the boardwalk. Cheers to you!

Betty Manousos said...

what a beautiful area for taking walks/walking the dog, and i love the boardwalk idea too.

dorrie is a real beauty!

big hugs my dearest!

Lynn said...

Betty -

Big hugs to you, too!

Anil P said...

What a n ice gesture to carry biscuits for the wandering four-legged friends. Is there a picture of the gentleman?

Lynn said...

Anil P -

No - I didn't take a picture of him - I didn't take my phone on the walk. The photo of Dorrie was taken with my iPhone (hidden in the car during the walk.)