Monday, August 13, 2012

Back porch time, currently reading and pure bliss

- Saturday morning.  There had been toast and poached egg on the plate.  And of course, good coffee.  A light breeze carrying the lyrical voices of my Asian neighbors to the back, who were working their garden.  You can just see the roof of their house beyond my mosquito repellent device there.

- Last June, August book club was thrown out as, "read the Ernest Hemingway book of your choice" + "The Paris Wife" by Paula McClain.  The second book is a fictionalized account of Hemingway's early writing life in Paris, told by his first wife Hadley.  But the presented dialogue is the only conjured up fiction - the author pulled accounts of their lives from a number of sources.  Reading that one after "The Sun Also Rises" makes for fascinating reading.  I am loving this book.

- And on Sunday morning the temperature on the back porch was 62 degrees with 0 humidity.  Pure bliss.


Granny Annie said...

Oh my, if only I could join you. (I started to say "If only we could trade places", but I realized I would enjoy your company more than the breakfast, the book or the temperatures.)

happygirl said...

I just watched Hemingway & Gellhorn last week and I am on a Hemingway kick. Coffee and breakfast on your porch sounds heavenly.

Dana said...

The Sun Also Rises is one of my favorites.

Your weekend sounds lovely.

Jannie Funster said...

62 degrees and dry -- send me some of that!! A temporary cold front?

I LOVE your table!!! And plate. I likes me some blue. BB actually has a blue Ming vase on his desk today, kinda matches your theme here.

I read a book once. :)


Blue Bunny said...

yes, i lieks yor tabil too, my favrit kolor in there.

well, i off on the viking ship now with my frends to see new lands.


Lynn said...

Grannie Annie -

I would enjoy your company, too! I would make you something delish for brunch - quiche and fruit maybe.

happygirl -

Hmmm - I haven't heard of that. I guess it's a documentary? I love Hemingway's writing - simple and straightforward.

Come on over with Annie and have brunch. :)

Dana -

It was lovely. Good to see you!

Jannie -

I know that it must still be awfully hot down there and this is probably temporary.

I got those plates a few years ago at Williams Sonoma. I love blue and white, too.


Blue Bunny -

Make sure you yell "Hey Lynn!" when you go by on your Viking Ship.


Mama Zen said...

I'm adding The Paris Wife to my list. That sounds fascinating!

Fireblossom said...

I'm not a huge Hemingway fan, but "The Sun Also Rises" was memorable, I have to say. I love your red mug!

Leonora said...

I like the colors on your porch. That red mug really does it for me!

I read The Paris Wife earlier this year. While it was fascinating to read about their lifestyle during such an exciting time in Paris, and all the interesting people they became friends with, I felt like I just wanted to bang their heads together : )

Love, love, love these cool evenings/mornings!

Riot Kitty said...

That has been my favorite Hemingway book so far.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Your mosaic design table is pretty- what is that center piece sculpture? A huddle of ceramic folks? Looks like a great place to relax. Guess it was cool enough to be out too-
Don't believe I've read either of those selections yet. Sounds interesting. I see your Sunday temp was great for a change! If only it would stick around a bit. It's been brutal for here lately- heat plus humidity.

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

So amazing to think what it would have been like - living in those times.

FB -

I won the door prize at some event - in was a basket filled with kitchen goodies and that mug was on top, to add red, I guess. I love it, too.

Leonora -

The table came from the now defunct Service Merchandise, several years ago. I loved that I got a table with inlaid tiles so cheap! I always like to throw a little red into everything if I can.

I know what you mean about banging their heads together. :)

Riot Kitty -

I was surprised how much I enjoyed that book.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

You were just here! I got that candle holder in the middle at a garden center in a funky part of town. The circled figures look Mayan to me. At night, when a votive is lit inside, a very cool pattern of light spills out on the table.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love your table, and what a beautiful tranquil setting too. Pure bliss indeed.

Sparkling Red said...

Wasn't it nice to enjoy some cooler summer weather for a change! This morning going outside was like slipping into a pool of cool water. So refreshing!

Lynn said...

Joe -

Thank you - my own wee space. I do love it.

Sparkling Red -

Yes - we are back to humidity today, but the weekend was glorious!

Chatty Crone said...

Your porch sure looks like a beautiful place to sit and read and enjoy life! sandie