Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Purple, timing is everything and focus

- A coworker spotted this purple wildflower among the weeds behind the printing company.  And since there was so much admiration of it, he added some honeysuckle discovered back there, too.  Lovely.

- A niece posts her status on facebook as "Loves him. :)"  It's been wonderful seeing her so in love with a young man who has been in her orbit for a few years.  The time was finally just right.

- Being awarded $60 for saying what I think about paper towel designs.  Not bad for an hour's work. :)


Snaggle Tooth said...

What a beautiful flower! Love those purples... Good find of your co-worker!
Lucky niece! Hope it lasts a good long long time!
We all need $60 per hour! Good Score!
The most I got was the same for a half hour singing at a wedding many years ago-
I'm very entertainment challenged this week.

Leonora said...

The little bouquet is just perfect.
The opinions of consumers are extremely valuable- good for you to get paid for yours!

Full-On-Forward said...

Beautiful Lynn! You always make me smile and I have missed it very much. Real life cleared up--I'm back.

Have a great week-weekend!


Jannie Funster said...

Alright on the sixty bucks!!! Was that via blogging?

I see those wild flowers here too, with a touch of honeysuckle -- perfect.


Maude Lynn said...

Would anybody like to know what I think of paper towel designs? Anybody?

Elephant's Child said...

That flower posy is lovely. And don't flowers brighten everywhere - both inside and out? Congratulations on the paper towel money.

Chatty Crone said...

Love is in the air for you today! How did you get the $60 - that was great.


Riot Kitty said...

How do I get in on the paper towel gig? I have opinions about everything!

Fireblossom said...

Laffin @ MZ.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I saw your entertainment challenged post, but I think you made up for it by your beach walk.

We love Brandon - he and Amanda started officially dating last fall, after she broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years. Brandon is perfect with her - he's very low key, with an easy personality. And he is hardworking and cooks!

Leonora -

I think so, too. The paper towels all had swirly embossed designs on them - at some point they all kind of looked alike. And you couldn't touch them, but were supposed to judge them on softness and absorbancy.

John -

Ah - John. It's good to see you, too - I hope you are doing well.

Jannie -

Nope - I'm on three focus group contact lists. I get them here and there -


MZ -

You, too, could be in focus groups probably. :)

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

Flowers certainly do brighten up a room. I love them.

I'm paying someone $75 to paint my dingy laundry room. I'll use that check for that, so it works out great. I got new cabinets in there and they make the walls look bad. :)

Sandie -

I left the info on a blog comment to you.

Riot Kitty -

In a city like Portland, surely there are groups like that.

FB -


Ileana said...

Beautiful flowers. They complement each other nicely.

I used to participate in focus groups all the time. It was always interesting and the money was good. I should put myself on their list again.

Lynn said...

Scarlet -

I'll bet there are a lot of them in Miami. They are fun to do, most of the time. :)