Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food talk, let's make it Italian and some cake + bonus

- On a rainy, too busy day at work, a coworker and I discuss how the weather puts us in mind of Italian food.  Discussion ensues.  I mention how I like Bambinelli's - a family owned business run by Italian Americans, originally from the Bronx, New York.  (Love their story - see link.)  My coworker says he and his grandson have regular outings and they usually choose Italian, too.  It's their thing.

- Friend Leisa and talk during our respective commutes home and commiserate about our day.  She suggests dinner and I tell her how I had the Italian food discussion at work.  Pizza, she'd like pizza.  Oddly enough, it takes me a couple of minutes to think of Bambinelli's.  :)  She got her pizza; I got lasagna.  Yum.

- And she brought me a piece of pound cake that she made.  See wrapped pound cake peeking out of my purse in the photo above.  I'll have it today at work.  Full circle.

A lovely thing:  a seasoned couple at the table across from us were celebrating his birthday.  The owner, Bonnie, brought them Cannoli, complete with a burning candle, to share.  And she took their photo as they beamed at the camera.  Lovely.


Elephant's Child said...

It is lovely touches like that which ensure that some restaurants are visited and revisited while their opposition goes to the wall.

Jannie Funster said...

It's fun to say Bambinelli's out loud! And you can sing it to the tune of "Bambalayo" making it cross over to Spanish too.

Looks like that purse is ready for action! You could pack a survival kit in there. And maybe you do?


Joanne said...

I definitely crave Italian food when it's raining! Or all the time really.

Leonora said...

Cannoli!! Now I crave cannoli! A real, true, authentic cannoli!

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

I think so, too. You can tell how many people in there are regulars and they are greeted as such.

Jannie -

Hee hee - true! Now I'm going to think about that every time I go there.

That purse is ready for action. It contains iPhone, digital camera, wallet, Advil, notepad, makeup, iPod, etc. etc. - all you need. :)


Leonora -

That's what that one looked like. I was salivating. :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

How sweet that they brought him a Canolli with a candle....It's the small thoughtful things that make ones day, isn't it?

Chatty Crone said...

I love Italian food - it is my favorite Lynn - and that cake was sweet! sandie

Louvregirl said...

Actually, Lynn, I was thinking that I like that handbag! (Especially the patina and the worn grey color!)

Riot Kitty said...

Just more proof that no matter how full I am, your blog always makes me hungry! I like your use of the word "seasoned."

Snaggle Tooth said...

My old blog found friend, Ellen, originally from my town by strange coincidence, runs an Italian catering service in your area, "Paisanos". She sent me a good cannoli recipe. so good!
I had sloppy Joe's n bagel pizza today- Nice to get cake as a present, n join in a fun birthday celebration.

Fireblossom said...

I love Italian food.

Lynn said...

OldLady of the Hills -

It really is.

Sandie -

It's my favorite, too, I think.

lg -

I got it on sale at Chicos. It's probably what is causing my back pain. :) So full of stuff.

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

Thank you - I think that is descriptive enough. They reminded me a little of my parents.

Snaggle -

I looked it up and spotted it - they are in the northern 'burbs of Atlanta. I'll bet they have yummy food.

FB -

Me, too!

Granny Annie said...

I wanted to take a picture of Ron and his encounter yesterday with another retired Navy guy. We were in the medical office waiting room and both of these guys were deaf so the entire lobby got to hear their sea stories. They were totally oblivious to their surroundings and it would have made a great photo.

Sparkling Red said...

Mmmm... pound cake... I work with a woman who has a side business as a one-woman bakery-to-order. You should see what she brings to our potluck lunches. Her last coffee cake was to die for. I ate two slices.

Sara said...

It's been awhile since I've visited. This was a good "food" post to land on. I love the "full circle" of these moments in time. I also loved your term "seasoned couple." That's one I'll remember!

Hey, your purse looks like mine...overflowing. The other day, I had stop quickly (another way of saying slam on the brakes). Anyway, my purse went flying off the passenger seat. It took me forever to find everything and get back inside. I need to clean my purse, like I'm doing my cabinets:~)

happygirl said...

Now I am starving and I want Pizza Margharita from my favorite pizzeria in Napoli. This post made me homesick for Italy. I love your description of the couple celebrating a birthday. :)

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

That's what is so great about the camera on the iPhone - you can kind of be a sneak and snap a photo and people just think you are looking at your phone. I'm glad he got to chat like that. :) And I hope all is well.

Sparkling Red -

That pound cake was so good - it was her late mother-in-law's recipe.

Sara -

Oh - I've had that happen, too. Then you find your favorite lip gloss under the car seat months later. :)

happygirl -

I imagine pizza in Italy is something to behold.

Unknown said...

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