Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Down at the farm, diligently decorating and smiling favorably

- This photo of my sister and brother-in-law's tree down at the farm in northern Florida came in a text message yesterday.  She managed to get it decorated before heading back to western Florida to take care of wee Monroe for the rest of this week.  I recognize some of our late parents' ornaments on there.

- Mina (almost three years old) diligently decorating her family's Christmas tree.  Another photo that came in a text message from my other sister.  I love that my sisters are up on the photo sending by text technology - very often they come when I need a moment of peace like this.

- Monroe doesn't care for "tummy time", but finds it a bit more tolerable when he is positioned so that he can look at presents under the tree.  I think he might also be looking favorably at his fun grandmother.  :)

Thanks for letting me share Christmas text photos with you.  I hope you have a happy day!


Granny Annie said...

What a wonderful post from the tree to Mina to Monroe. Our family is also in love with "photo sending by text technology".

Jannie Funster said...

That tree is lovely! Is it "real?"

Cute, cute cute kids. Thanks for sharing.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Looks like beautiful Christmas decorations. May your holiday be bright.

Leonora said...

Sweet niece and nephew! These will put a smile on everyone's day!

Riot Kitty said...

What sweet pictures! Lovely tree, too. Amazing photo for a text pic.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

Thank you! I still have the iPhone 3GS - so I don't have that instagram thing. I just reap the benefits of being on the receiving end. :)

Jannie -

Yes - I believe that one is real. They are cute, aren't they? Mina looks so much like her mom did at that age. And Monroe looks like a boy, doesn't he?


Michael -

And yours!

Leonora -

I hope so - they sure put a smile on mine. :)

Riot Kitty -

Yes - the camera phone technology is getting better and better.

G. B. Miller said...

Many thanks for the upbeat photos today. They certainly came in handy this evening.

Elephant's Child said...

These are enchanting photos. Full of love and magic. Thank you lots.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Great pics you're receiving via phone lately! pretty tree. Those kids are so cute! It's great you get to share in their moments long distance this way-
My daughter once texted me a pic but I didn't get it- n don't know why. No one ever sent me another. My phone is cheaper, but I can go online n see little pics from web pages, so it should work... I just don't have a cam on it to send any- maybe I need another app.

Joanne said...

The little kiddies are so cute!!

Louvregirl said...

How sweet!!! That tree is simply gor-geous! But the photo of little Mina so intent on the tree... Now...that is pure gold!

I MISS blogging!!!!!!!!! Ergggh. I made a super cool Francie dress that I wanted to show you, Lynn! Remember Francie??

Louvregirl said...

P.S. I cannot get my 16 year old daughter to touch our tree.

Shionge said...

Oh so cute and so pretty.....Merry Christmas to you :D

Lynn said...

G -

You're welcome - we could all use some upbeatedness this week, I think.

The Elephant's Child -

Enchanting - what a wonderful word. Thank you for that.

Snaggle -

I think they are using the Instagram feature on their iPhones. I still have the 3GS model, which is working fine for me, for now. I just don't have instagram or face time, which I hear so much about from them. :) Monroe's grandmother has face time with him every morning and always sings him a song.

Lynn said...

lg -

Email the Francie pick (of course I remember her!) to my blog email and I'll email you back my home email. I miss your blogging, too. My friend Whitney had the same thing happen with blogger the same time you did and has switched to Word Press:
I think you would like her blog - she is pastor of church in Cameron, North Carolina.

Shionge -

Merry Christmas to you, too, my friend.

Louvregirl said...

Hey Lynn! Thank you for the tip! We have 60 MPH winds and snow here-it's a blizzard. I will get to photographing her later today!!!!

I thought I had checked into wordpress and they said that there was a long waiting period. Perhaps not. I will try again.

Lynn~when I e-mail you the pic I got the doll (on e-bay) for 12.50 (plus shipping) so I scored a real deal on her (huge!) Normally, a Francie (if she's not chewed up :-)) sells for at least 70.00 bucks!) People buy them UP like hotcakes and there is usually a pool of bidders.

But I know that you will love love the outfit!


P.S.I am in the throws of getting ready for Christmas so unless I stay up LATE not sure that I can restart my blog until after the holidays.....

Betty Manousos said...

the photos of the little ones are soo adorable, thanks for sharing:)

have a merry christmas!!